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Tips To Get ACNH Foreign Fruits And Earn More Bells – Animal Crossing Foreign Fruits Guide

Tips To Get ACNH Foreign Fruits And Earn More Bells - Animal Crossing Foreign Fruits Guide

You begin Animal Crossing: New Horizons with only one form of fruit – peaches, pears, apples, oranges, or cherries – but you’ll need all of them to fill up your Nook Miles. In the game, you can obtain new fruits by visiting mates, traveling to Mystery Islands, or obtaining them as a surprise gift. You’ll probably get a basket of one international fruit during your first few days of playing.

If you can sell them for 500 ACNH bells right away (your own fruit is only worth 100 bells), planting these fruits once you have a shovel is a better choice. You don’t have to water them, and after four to six days, these newly planted trees will flower and produce fruit on their own.

When it comes time to harvest them, having five to ten international trees on your island can be a huge moneymaker. Each tree can produce three fruits at a time, resulting in a harvest of 1,500 bells every four to six days for each foreign tree planted. Here are some ways on getting more ACNH foreign fruits.

ACNH Foreign Fruits Collecting & Earning

Pay a visit to your friends

If you have a Switch-owning mate, it’s possible that they’ll be embarking on their own island adventure. Check to see what fruits they have – you can raid their trees for any foreign fruit and bring it home to plant when you visit other islands. You can bring your own fruit to share with your friend while you’re there, as a matter of common courtesy.

Each fruit has a one-in-five chance of being given to you, so you’re unlikely to get the same one as your mates. If that’s the case, don’t worry; there are other options for purchasing exotic fruit.

Twitter is an excellent place to meet new people, and the culture is always positive and supportive. If you’re searching for a specific fruit, use the #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons to find it on social media. If that doesn’t work, save your Nook Miles for a trip to Mystery Island.

Investigate the Islands of Mystery

An ACNH NMT is needed to access Mystery Islands. They’re randomly generated plots of land loaded with fruits, bugs, and fish, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to pick up a handful of exotic fruits. Aside from coconuts, which tend to be found only on Mystery Islands, players have a chance of discovering foreign fruits on these islands. You are allowed to take something from the islands with you, so bring a basket of fruit with you while you explore.

It’s simple to catch all five fruits this way, and you’ll gain a lot of Nook Miles in the process.

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