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Water Works: 4 Important Pool Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Did you know that there are currently 10.4 million residential and over 300,000 public swimming pools in the United States?

Owning a pool provides you with a beautiful relaxation opportunity while enriching your property’s value. However, if you want your pool to be a worthy investment rather than a dirty and depressing eyesore, good commercial pool monitoring system is essential.

We’ve put together this helpful guide to point you in the right direction when it comes to cleaning your pool.

Read on for 5 pool care tips you need to know.

1. Use The Right Pool Cleaning Chemicals

Using the proper pool cleaning chemicals is essential. You need to ensure your pool has the proper chlorine, salt, and pH levels. Over or underusing cleaning chemicals can cause chlorine to be less effective against algae and bacteria.

Moreover, an unbalanced pool can cause skin and eye discomfort, not to mention corrode your lining, pool filters, and other equipment. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions strictly and only with other recommended products

2. Shock Your Pool

It’s worth “shocking” your pool every now and then. When you shock, you rapidly increase chlorine levels for a brief period to destroy any microbes in the pool. This can be used as either a preventative or curative measure, whichever the case.

Excessive shocking can damage your liner, so don’t overdo it. However, it’s a necessary part of pool maintenance that you should perform a few times each year. Keep a note of each time you shock your pool in your regular cleaning log.

3. Skim and Scrub Frequently

Make a daily habit of skimming your pool for leaves, bugs, or any other debris you see floating around. They will be much harder to remove once they sink to the bottom. Every couple of weeks, use a stiff brush to scrub the pool liner. This will help prevent pesky algae buildup.

Investing in a pool vacuum makes regular pool maintenance easy. Use it every couple of days to clean the bottom of your pool – that way, you won’t need to add cleaning chemicals so often.

4. Invest in Good Pool Filters

The filter is a crucial piece of pool equipment, so make sure you choose wisely. Pool filters capture detritus, which can result in unclean pool water. Cartridge filters are the simplest to clean, and maintaining them requires far less water than other versions.

There are a variety of pool filters available, and the best choice depends. Before choosing one for your pool, click for more tips on choosing the best filter.

Pool Maintenance Made Simple

Keeping your pool in great shape takes a little effort, but it does not have to be a nuisance.

By including these pool care recommendations into your normal pool maintenance regimen, you ensure that you spend more time swimming than cleaning and get the best out of your swimming pool.

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