What is a trading mentorship program and why should you enrol into one?

Tired of being confined to an office? Want to start something of your own and enjoy independence?

The financial markets offer a plethora of career opportunities to be your own boss. On one hand, you can open your own stock trading business, take on clients and help them in reaping the benefits of volatility in the markets. On the other hand, you can be a professional trader yourself and trade with your own funds, apply strategies and make your money work for you.

Or you can do both! There are endless possibilities.

But, first and foremost, what you need to do is invest time in learning the nuances of the financial markets. Like everything else, education is the building block of a successful career in the world of trading.

Now, let us come to the most important question that must be in your mind – how to go about educating yourself about the capital markets and trading in them?

You will find innumerable online courses from where you can learn almost everything that you need to know – starting with the basics and moving on to complex concepts. However, the thing that we will discuss today is trading mentorship program. Let’s understand what is it and how can it be beneficial for you.

What are Trading Mentorship Programs?

Stock trading mentorship programs are specialized plans where you can learn trading under the able guidance and mentorship of an experienced trader. This is the age of experiential learning, and that is exactly what these trading programs provide. These programs enable you to learn from those traders who have done it themselves. They combine the right mix of theory and practical experience that will help you get hands-on knowledge of the financial markets.

The universe of trading is vast and is characterized by the volatility of the markets. It is extremely uncertain too. No one can predict what is about to happen next. However, those who have considerable experience can interpret events and understand their effects on the markets. This is invaluable.

A stock trading mentorship program India helps you to gain from their wisdom.

Why Should You Join a Stock Trading Mentorship Program?

A trading mentorship program is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

1. Ideal stepping stone for a stock trading career]

Learning theoretical concepts is not difficult. You can simply register for any online or offline educational course and understand them. What is difficult is to learn to apply the concepts in the real life. This is what these trading programs concentrate on. They prep you for the real world so that with time you can learn where to invest, when to enter a trade and more importantly when to exit.

2. Right Balance of Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

Trading mentorship programs contain a perfect balance of theory and practice. You start by learning about the basic concepts and then slowly move on to more complex ones. Once you have a thorough theoretical understanding, the mentors will show you live trades and explain the logic behind them. This will help you comprehend theories better.

3. Ideal for All Kinds of Traders

People often think that these programs are ideal for beginners. But it is not true. Even if you have been investing in the stock market for quite some time, these mentorship programs can provide you with additional insight that can lead to a more detailed understanding. Moreover, in most cases, these programs are conducted by some of the best stock market mentors in India. They share trading strategies that have worked for them in the past. This is precious and can help you get a completely new view of the markets.

Which Trading Mentorship Program to Join?

Here-in comes the tricky part – to decide which mentorship program to join. We reviewed several trading programs and found that the one offered by to be the most comprehensive one.

Elearnmarkets is the educational arm of StockEdge, one of the top stock trading platforms in India. They offer innumerable educational courses, some of which are provided in tie-up with NSE, MCX, NISM, NICR and such other credible authorities. They have extensive courses for beginners, traders and investors.

The trading mentorship program is conducted by some of the best stock market mentors in India. This program has been specifically designed to enable participants to start a full-time career in the financial markets.

The program encompasses a wide variety of subjects and consists of 14 modules encompassing the following topics:

  • Technical analysis – including indicators.
  • Equity derivatives
  • Currency derivatives
  • Options trading strategy
  • Commodity derivatives
  • Live trading sessions
  • Mentorship strategy sessions
  • Crude oil trading
  • Analysis of derivatives data for identification of stock trend
  • Trading strategies
  • How to identify the right stock and the right sector to trade

Each topic includes numerous classes where different aspects are discussed. Most of these modules are conducted live by experienced mentors.

Apart from these modules, participants get access to a variety of other benefits such as one a month full-day live trading sessions for 12 months, real-time learning and data sharing through a dedicated Telegram group, daily trade sharing, full-day trading sessions and much more.

The thing that we liked most is that they offer individual hand-holding to all participants which ensure the training is worth your while.

The Indian financial markets are booming. In September 2021, it became the 6th largest stock market in the world in terms of market capitalization surpassing France for the first time. So, if there was ever a right time to get into this field, this is it!

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