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What is the best time to move to Europe? Here’s How You Should Plan

Deciding when is the best time to move to Europe is not a simple task and requires a lot of research and planning. But, in this article, we will help you to understand a little more the differences between the US and the old continent. Everything you need to know to facilitate this transition, stay with us and check it out.

The American community in Europe continues to grow. According to data in 2016, there were more than 12 Million Americans traveled to Europe.

But moving to another country is not the same as moving home. It involves bureaucracy, documentation, and adaptation with a new culture away from family and friends, which can make everything more difficult. See the best time to move to Europe and make the process go more smoothly.

When to move to Europe?

It is difficult to specify the exact season, as it all depends on the country you are going to. We generally have the idea that the best time to move to Europe would be during the summer. The winter is rigorous in the Old Continent, but the months of heat vary according to regions. In some countries, the climate can be even hotter than in the US, making it difficult to adapt.

That way, the best time would be the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when the cold is not so strong, but it is still there for you to start adapting, and the hottest, coolest days are yet to come.

Best time to explore the region

After all, changing around spring, you can still enjoy the beautiful spectacle of nature in the thousands of gardens and parks spread across Europe. Unmissable. Ah! If you have children, don’t forget that the European school calendar starts in September. 

Therefore, it is good to move in a little earlier to ensure that they and you will begin classes tailored to the country and local customs.

Best time to get a job in Europe

The offer of jobs in Europe is greater in the summer when European countries live the so-called “high season” and hotels, restaurants, and bars recruit workers, making this the best time to move to Europe if you don’t mind working as a waiter, janitor or clerk.

If you are a graduate and want to work in your field, the path is more complicated. The pillars for getting a job, in this case, are academic training, professional experience, and fluency in the language.

Right period for more vacancies

Many vacancies are offered at the beginning of the year, in the period between January and March, mainly in offices, but remember that most job vacancies are filled based on the IQ (Who Indicates), if you are a foreigner, the chances are proportionately less.

Be patient, look on job sites specifically for your area and seek to strengthen a network of contacts in the region to learn about the news.

Where to move to?

Think about your goals with the change. Are you looking for more quality of life? So you can give preference to countries with better social indicators, like Finland and Norway. Want to earn more? Look for destinations with the best minimum wages, such as Luxembourg, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

If the idea is to raise your children in a country whose laws respect professionals who are parents and have exemplary levels of education, Sweden, Denmark, and Austria are great options. But, if the idea is to leave the country, but continue with a little foot here, prefer Portugal, Italy, and Spain, countries in which the American community is strong and you will find a great support network.

According to the US News & Reports website, Austria, Great Britain and Germany are among the best countries for women, using criteria such as human rights, gender equality and security. It is worth remembering that in Ireland it is possible to work on a student visa, as long as the individual attends regular classes and works until 8 pm during the class period (and up to 40 hours during the holidays).

The visa lasts for eight months and the student is not entitled to services offered by the government, such as unemployment insurance and hospitals, but it may be worthwhile for those who have no plans to move permanently to Europe.

International moving services are essential

If you are thinking of moving to Europe, know that moving all your belongings with you will be a piece of tough luck. To get your belongings to Europe in a more comfortable way, and in a more personalized way, we recommend that you use international moving services. They provide affordable quotes depending on your needs and maintain a healthy move to another country.

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