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What Level is TEFL UK’s 140 Hour TEFL Course?

What Level is TEFL UK’s 140 Hour TEFL Course?

The 140 hour Combined TEFL Course from TEFL UK is a Level 5 course that prepares its students to teach English as a foreign language with no previous experience or qualifications required.

It’s ideal for those who wish to take the next step in their teaching career, but also provides superb opportunities for first time teachers and those who have decided to totally retrain.

So what will you learn on our 140 Hour TEFL Course – and how will it help you towards launching a career as a teacher of English, either on a remote basis or internationally?

TEFL 140 Hours Module List

When you take our 140 hour TEFL course online, you’ll be able to study at your own pace – arranging your learning around other commitments.

Most students complete the course within 2-3 months, but there is plenty of flexibility available, meaning that you can achieve all of your aims without feeling overworked.

With a 20 hour in-person teaching practicum included – whereby you gain valuable practical experience teaching genuine students – the 140 hour course is made up of 14 units. These are:


Once you have completed our combined TEFL course, you’ll have a strong understanding of the techniques, approaches and skills required to teach English to a wide range of students.

You’ll also receive an accredited certificate, which is accepted internationally and can be legalized, notarized and authenticated for international visa application purposes, (including for China.

What’s more, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the course materials we provide, helping you to keep on top of your skills. These materials include a superb lesson planning Ebook, which you’ll find extremely useful in putting together high quality lesson plans.

You can also access thousands of job opportunities – including chances to work from home or abroad.

The benefits of the teaching practicum section of this course include the addition of real teaching experience to your CV, making you a desirable candidate for a wider range of positions.

As a fully accredited member of the UK Register of Learning Providers (Reg. #10036852), graduates of the 140 hour TEFL course from TEFL UK can teach anywhere in the world.

Get Started

To register for this Level 5 combined TEFL course, simply click here. If you have any further questions about how the process works, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at TEFL UK today.

We’ll be more than happy to give you any advice, support, guidance and information you may need.

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