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What The Future Of Motoring Will Look Like

electric and autonomous

Our future cars will look a lot different in comparison to what we’re used to today. The next 50 years will see a quantum shift in car technology, unlike the past 50, during which established principles were simply refined and modernized. Besides wholesale changes in propulsion technology, many people don’t realize how much the way we use our cars will change too, as well as the ownership model.

The part of the future that has already arrived is the EV – electric SUVs, cars, buses, and trucks are being launched in increasing numbers and developed nations such as the USA, UK, and the European Union already have an extensive charging infrastructure in place. Norway, for example,  is now a predominantly plug-in nation, with EVs reaching a market share of 64.7 percent and plug-in hybrid EVs 20.3 percent by June 2021 – 85 percent of all new cars sold there.

Future Developments

Future Developments

Here are a few of the developments we can expect in terms of the following technologies:

The CASE Model

We are moving closer to the CASE model, where mobility is:

In terms of realizing this model, by 2030:


We are arguably living at the best possible time in automotive history. Motoring industry is going through one of the biggest transitions ever, starting with EVs. New electric car, crossover, and truck models are launched by the day. The latest cars are already permanently connected to the internet and receive any data they need over the air, including software updates. Soon, cars will also connect to each other to make our lives easier and our roads safer.

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