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Why do a lot of people prefer living in a PG in the BTM layout?

BTM layout

When it comes to living in the best localities in Bangalore, pg in btm layout is considered to be the best option. A lot of youngsters live here and enjoy the best facilities. One of the reasons that this is the most preferred place to stay is because of the environment and the aura. The place offers an energetic environment. Also the ones who are looking for family PG are also delighted with the view of the place. There are endless facilities from nearby gyms to community centers and grocery stores to enjoy living here.

Why is it a good idea to live in a PG?

You are thinking of moving to a different city for education or job purposes but at the same time you do not have any place to stay. This is the biggest concern of most of the migrating people. It is impossible for a particular person to have a place of residence at any place he visits. But however it is important that a substitute facility is arranged so that a person is able to function properly even in the other city. Let’s have a look at the importance of living in a paying guest facility. 

Utility of the staying in a paying guest

It is not possible to stay in a hotel for a long duration of time due to the huge expenditure that would be incurred. But at the same point of time there are facilities like paying guest facilities. These facilities play an important role in order to provide a sustainable and affordable accommodation to the people. This article will try to list down the advantages and the importance of living in a paying guest facility. 

Getting home cooked food

One of the best reasons which makes people enjoy living in the PG’s is that you get to relish on delicious home cooked foods. The meals prepared are well hygienic and the cooks are trained and experienced. This gives you a relief from making your food and cleaning the dishes. You just have to go to your office or college and come back to be welcomed with hot food. Also there are special and semi special days on which you can get good food. 

Extra facilities

There are paying guest facilities in the city that also make you enjoy facilities like laundry. This means that you are away from the hassles of washing your clothes and then ironing them. 

Lack of formalities

If you take the decision of living in the BTM layout management then you will have to enter into a proper landlord tenant agreement. There would be legal formalities required for the registration. You would also have to execute a lot of documents before starting living in the house. In such a situation, it is advisable to always look for a paying guest facility. If you look for an appropriate paying guest facility, then it definitely becomes possible for you to live comfortably without undertaking a lot of formalities. 

You simply have to make the payment of rent monthly and the deposit one time. You do not have to comply with any other type of documentation. There is no need to register the given document. That is why in order to make yourself feel comfortable in a new state,  this is the best solution to follow. 


If you live in a flat all by yourself then there is a risk because you are alone. You do not know the type of the neighbors you would have. Even a locality like a flat is not able to offer a comforting environment to young girls who stay here. But if you live in the paying guest facility then you find the safest accommodation. Your parents are in direct touch with the landlord of the paying guest facility. 

There are proper timings for the safety of the people who stay there. you have roommates to interact with. You can get in touch with the administrative staff of the paying guest in case you face any kind of issue. It is also advisable in the first place to make sure that you feel the safest in a paying guest facility. There is a proper Security System installed for the safety of the people who stay in the paying guest facility. 


There are so many things that one can enjoy when living in a paying guest facility. Not only that you get an affordable place to live in but it also offers you the benefits of making new friends and getting to know people in your new city. Are you looking for the best paying guests? Then all you need to do is to get in touch with stanzaliving and we will help you in getting your hands on the right options.

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