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Why Is Your Vape Device Popping and Spitting Back?

Why Is Your Vape Device Popping and Spitting Back

There’s nothing more annoying to vapers like a popping and spitting device. Vaping is all about the experience, but these issues turn the otherwise enjoyable experience to be unpleasant. However, it doesn’t mean your device is defective.

Popping, cracking, spitting is not unusual. They happen all the time when vaping. You’re probably familiar with the bubbles and pops when boiling water; vaping works in a near similar manner. The process of turning e-liquid to vapor produces the same effect.

Constant popping and spitting ruin the fun. So, how can you rectify this and enjoy the moment? That’s what we’ll look into in this article. After this, you can head to the vape shop nearby, get the right e-juice and enjoy a frustration-free vaping experience.

What Causes Your Vape Device to Pop and Spit?

Many issues can cause spitting and popping. But most times, it’s because of using unsuitable e-liquid, residue build-up, flooded tank chamber, or coils. The good thing is that these issues can be rectified.

That said, let’s look at some of the reasons your vape device could be pooping and spitting more frequently.

You are Using a Thin e-liquid

Thinner vape juices can flood the coil, causing spit backs and crackles. If you’re using e-juices with high amounts of propylene glycol (PG) that frequent popping and spitting is bound to happen. Instead, you should go for thicker e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin (VG) amounts.

The kind of device you use also has an influence. When using pod mod, or other smaller devices, vaping at low temperatures works best with thinner e-liquids. Since they are thinner, they heat quickly.

The Chimney or Drip Is Too Narrow

Some devices have a narrow drip tip that interferes with the vaping process. When using it, vapor accumulates behind the chimney. They condense, forming water that blocks the airflow. You can fix this by switching it with a tank that has a wider chimney.

Residue Buildup

The accumulation of e-juice residue on the chimney with time can lead to spitbacks. You should clean the device regularly to avoid this situation. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to disassemble the device and do a thorough cleaning using excess water, a soft cloth, and alcohol.

You are Drawing Forcefully

Drawing too hard from the e-cigarette can draw the vape juice, causing flooding. Inhaling from the device should be gentle. Don’t be misled to believe that drawing hard will give you more vapor; instead, it causes trouble.

If this is the issue, you can fix it by taking soft inhales and allow the coil and the wick to generate vapor. This guarantees you pure vapor without the liquid getting to your mouth and makes vaping more enjoyable.

There’s A Problem with Coil, Wicks, or Seals

You’ll know it’s an issue with the wicking or coil if the spitting happens occasionally. Try cleaning the device and see if the issue is solved. If it persists, then it’s time to get a new coil and wick.

Another possible reason is the damaged O-ring seal in the device. When the seal loosens, it creates room for leaking and flooding in the tank, causing it to spitback. Fortunately, most e-cigs come with spare seals that you can use to replace the damaged seal.

Wrong E-Cig Storage Position

The leaking cause can be as simple as leaving the device lying on its side or in an upside-down position. These positions allow the liquid into the chimney and even the mouthpiece. When you draw, you’ll feel e-juice droplets in your mouth. If this is the case, clean the device, and keep it in an upright position.

The Power is Insufficient

Popping and spitting could happen when the power is too low. You want to check and ensure that your atomizer has enough power to produce vapor. A possible reason is that the coils and contacts are not securely connected.

If the power is adjustable, you can increase it gradually and observe the changes. Although too low wattage or voltage might cause flooding, using too high power isn’t good either. Excess power overheats the liquid producing vapor aggressively, making the device pop and spit. The best way is to keep the current medium for a flawless vaping exercise.

You Over-Prime The Coil

Priming is good. It’s the process of dripping e-liquid onto the wicks before vaping. Most vaping enthusiasts like this practice because it adds flavor to their vape juice and optimizes the experience.

However, overdoing it could be the reason your device is spitting back. When you over-prime the coil, excess liquids end up in the chamber, causing it to flood. The remedy is to establish a balance and slow the priming to allow the cotton to saturate.


There are many reasons your vape device might spit and pop. So, before you focus on one solution, try troubleshooting to identify the main issues. The best part is that you can avoid these issues. Follow these tips to solve and avoid future problems when vaping.

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