6 Simple Hacks for Keeping Your Car Clean All the Time

Car owners tend to spend hours inside their vehicles. From home to office commutes and daily trips with your kids to and from school, to road trips and late-night snack runs, it’s not hard to understand why you spend a lot of your time behind the wheel.

Since you spend a lot of your time in your car, keeping it clean inside and out is crucial.

Keeping a vehicle clean and tidy, however, is not only about having a great-looking, dazzling car. It is also about staying healthy and safe whenever you use it.

Various parts of your car can accumulate dirt, water residue, and bacteria, which can lead to the growth of moulds or substances that can cause serious health issues. Also, dirty windows and lights can impair your vision, which can cause car accidents, especially on a rainy night.

An untidy and messy car can also affect your mental well-being. Clutter around you, including clutter inside your vehicle, can compete for your attention, lowering your focus and performance and increasing your stress at the same time.

Because having a dirty, untidy car can be unhealthy and dangerous, it’s time you rethink your habits for cleaning it.

Simple Tips and Tricks for Having a Cleaner Car

Keeping your vehicle clean and tidy does not have to be a physically exhausting and time-consuming chore.

Below are six simple hacks for cleaning and tidying up your car:

1.     Have your car washed regularly.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to have your automobile washed every two weeks.

You can ask the Mobile car valet to bring your vehicle to the car wash every other week. If you don’t have the time to do this or don’t want to go out, you can opt for on-demand car wash.

Many companies now offer mobile cleaning services. Use the provider’s website or app to schedule a car wash.

You can then pick a car washing service based on your need or preference and a schedule that works for you.

On the date and time of your choosing, a car wash crew will go to your home or selected address and give your vehicle a thorough cleaning inside and out.

With this convenient service, you can have a clean car that you will have an easier time maintaining. Moreover, you can be sure that your tidy vehicle is safe to drive.

2.     Put a portable rubbish bin inside your car.

Regardless of how small or big your trash is, you and your regular passengers may have a habit of putting them in the cup holders or leaving them on the floor. Get rid of this unhealthy and inefficient practice by placing a portable rubbish bin inside your vehicle.

Buy a small portable rubbish bin for your car. While waiting to get one, or if you don’t have the time to purchase one yet, use an old cardboard box or a large plastic container temporarily.

With this simple trick, you will have a place to put your rubbish and prevent your car from being cluttered with garbage.

However, make sure you empty the bin regularly to prevent it from overflowing and being useless.

3.     Invest in car organisers built for the backseat.

When you are often in the driver’s seat or front seat, storing or placing things in the back seat is an easy habit to develop. It is the most convenient place to put anything you don’t often use, such as your umbrella, books, magazines, jackets, etc.

As a result, the backseat is typically the messiest part of a vehicle.

If you are often in the driver’s or front seat, it can be easy to forget or ignore the mess in the backseat. However, it can cause a problem for the people sitting in this area.

Additionally, these items can accumulate over time, causing the backseat and your car to look untidy and cluttered all the time.

A simple solution to this problem is getting car organisers for the back seat. These accessories come with several pockets where you can store different small items.

These organisers are great for car owners with kids since you and your little ones can use them for storing the items they need to stay entertained when on the road – colouring and reading books, boxes of crayons, and other essentials.

4.     Implement the in-and-out rule.

Another simple trick for keeping your car tidy or minimising the clutter is making it a habit to remove all the items you put in as soon as possible.

This means taking out everything that you put inside your vehicle. These can include jackets, umbrellas, toys, cups, and snacks.

Ensure you remove the items you put in the boot that you don’t need on the road as well. Perfect examples of these are the travel bags you used on your last trip and the baby stroller you haven’t taken out for months.

Lastly, inform your passengers of this rule to ensure they don’t leave anything behind that can lead to clutter whenever they exit the vehicle.

5.     Line cup holders with silicone cupcake liners.

Cup holders are also one of the dirtiest accessories in vehicles. They are vulnerable to spills, drips, and dirt from your beverages.

Cup holders tend to function as small rubbish bins inside your vehicle, especially for crumbs and other food debris. Because of this, they accumulate dirt easily.

To keep your cup holders clean, line them with silicone cupcake liners. They fit the accessories perfectly and make them easier for you to tidy them up, even if they have plenty of crumbs.

Once the cupcake liners get too dirty, you can toss them into the dishwasher and reuse them.

6.     Vacuum frequently.

Vacuuming your car requires some effort, but if you do it regularly, you will spend less time doing this chore.

Vacuuming your seats allows you to remove crumbs and other debris from them faster. This enables you to keep the dirt to a minimum.

Using the fine-bristle brush attachment can help you remove the small debris from the seats.

Additionally, use the vacuum and brush duster duo to clean the dashboard, knobs, buttons, shifter, and the other hard-to-reach spots.

Lastly, use the foam craft brush attachment to remove dust and debris from the vents.

When you have a clean car inside and out, you will be safer on the road. Moreover, you and your passengers will enjoy all your travels no matter how long the journey is or how far away the destination may be.

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