10 Best Coding Scholarships In 2021

Today getting a quality education is tricky. Even being a talented student, you can face difficulties with enrolling into a desired educational establishment. The most widespread issue for many students is the financial question. An effective way to make your dreams come true is to get a scholarship. Many coding scholarships are annually awarded to thousands of students. Scholarships can open doors to a desired university or college for those who can meet all the requirements. By the way, among the steps to take when applying for a coding scholarship are conducting a test or writing simple code. If you are not sure your skills are enough, apply for professional services that help students with coding homework. Experts from such services can explain how to complete any task and comment on the codes to clarify them for you.

What do I need to apply for a coding scholarship in 2021?

Before we share with you the selection of the best coding scholarships to consider in 2021, read the list of general application requirements. Completing these steps is vital if you have serious intentions and are willing to increase your chances of getting a scholarship. Consider specifying the concrete requirements with the scholarship committee individually.

The basic steps to complete for obtaining a coding scholarship are:

  • Documented proof of financial need and the inability to cover the cost of the studies in a chosen university.
  • Recommendation letter from teachers of your previous educational establishment.
  • Writing a personal statement, an essay, or both. Note that the scholarship committee would specify the topic of an essay as it could be subject to change each year.
  • Documents that show your GPA level (for each scholarship, GPA must be at a certain level).
  • Demonstrate social activeness by participating in students’ communities, sports sections, volunteering, charity projects, etc.

However, these steps are basics; there might be other requirements depending on the particular scholarship. Now let us proceed to look over the most wanted coding scholarships of 2021:

International students who are willing to study programming in such countries as the U.S., Mexico, and Canada can apply for a scholarship hosted by a world-renowned giant, Microsoft, the leader of the information technologies industry. The scholarship is annual and allows undergraduate students to get full coverage of four years of studying on a bachelor’s program. The level of GPA must be no lower than 3.0. The amount varies year by year and must be specified with the scholarship committee.

This scholarship program allows international students enrolling in several accredited universities to receive up to USD 3,000. The scholarship works for U.S. educational establishments. The host of the scholarship is the Entertainment Software Foundation. The foundation focuses on the video gaming industry and primarily supports students interested in the game development area.

The Park City Community Foundation awards high school graduates up to USD 2,500 to study coding, programming, computer and science, and other STEM-related courses in the chosen universities. It is best to consider that there are many applicants each year, and as statistics show, only 20 out of 100 applicants receive the scholarship. 

The scholarship is for women. There is an opportunity for four candidates chosen by a committee to receive the amount of USD 10,000. The funds awarded in terms of the scholarship program cover studies in an accredited university in the U.S. The successful applicant must declare the desire to build a career within the informational technologies industry.

This program is for representatives of minorities who are willing to study coding. Note that to apply, you have to be a graduate or an undergraduate. Ambitions and purposeful students declaring the desire to build a career in the programming field can receive up to USD 500 for their studies.

This is an annual scholarship program for talented students. The amount student can receive is up to USD 1,000. There is a requirement for applicants to belong to a community of Graves County (western Kentucky) and attend a local school. To apply, students have to answer several questions of the survey. Applicants who have a passion for coding and other areas of the IT industry would get more chances to receive a scholarship.

The scholarship program allows students from rural communities of any region of the United States to receive up to USD 1,000. To get this scholarship, applicants have to answer several questions about their passion for the STEM field. There are more opportunities to receive this scholarship if an applicant wants to build a career in cybersecurity.

The National Federation of the Blind (NFIB) awards this scholarship. Successful applicants must attend the university within the U.S. and be U.S. residents. The amount awarded each year is up to USD 8,000. Applicants have to write an essay following the requirements established by the committee. In addition, there is a need to present a letter of recommendation.

Galvanize offers various programs and boot camps that can become a perfect way to learn to code. The program aims to let any student get the desired degree in the field of coding. The scholarship is awarded only to U.S. citizens and allows enrolling into one of the Galvanize programs. The funds cover full tuition in one of the immersive programs.

This is another scholarship for women in tech industries. Students who are enrolling into accredited universities within the U.S. can get an amount of USD 1,000 per year. The program is for graduates and undergraduates. The main criteria to consider is applicants’ commitment to learning coding and other STEM-related areas.

We hope you would find this information interesting and fitting to your needs. We wish you luck in your studies!

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