10 Books You Must Read Before Writing a Demography Dissertation

When trying to write a demography dissertation, you shall be expected to discuss the concepts of fertility and mortality rates, ages, birth-death ratios, and population details of a certain area. Without these elements, your research work would be completely dull and boring.

If you want to find all the information in a single place, demography books shall act as an all-in-one package for you. We have reviewed and picked the 10 best books for you to get help from when writing a dissertation on demography ideas.

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The Top 10 Best Books to Read before Demography Dissertation Writing

Demography books are essential to consider when you want to write a stellar dissertation on demography. Such books provide an in-depth look to the students regarding multiple facets of research. It can be difficult to choose which book to buy for your demography dissertation, so we have listed the top 10 picks for you.

The names and other specifications of such books are the following:

1. People Changing Places

Key Points:

  • Studying the interaction of the migration flows with state authority, economics, and culture.
  • Analysing the role of the state in the nexus of migration-conflict
  • The relationship between outbreak of violent conflicts and demographic changes

Brief Overview of the Book:

Population settlement and migration have always been important features in the world’s political history. The analyses presented in this book highlight the critical role of the state as both an arena and an actor in the nexus of migration conflict. You can get enough demography dissertation help when you read this book.

2. Boomerang Kids: The Demography of Previously Launched Adults

Key Points:

  • Studying the factors that contribute to adult children returning to home
  • Analysing the challenges faced by the young adults in this century
  • Studying several cross-cultural perspectives on co-residency

Brief Overview of the Book:

Here, you can understand the concepts of adult children in the US who return to live with their families. Your demographic dissertation structure shall be strengthened when you incorporate the data from this book. Particularly, it is helpful if you need authentic research material for crafting your dissertation proposals.

3. Population in History

Key Points:

  • Studying the history of the population
  • Analysing the collaborative approaches in the historical demography
  • Checking the population change in the 7th and 8th centuries

Brief Overview of the Book:

This book shall be highly beneficial for you if you want to understand the work of practitioners who focused on assessing and accounting for the population growth in the West. It is not unlikely that you will be able to outline the dissertation on demography and population change when taking Europe as the base example.

4. Applied Demography

Key Points:

  • An analysis of the variables in demographic impact
  • Utilising the software products from the 1990s US census
  • The application of demographic data in the government and business

Brief Overview of the Book:

The text of this book aims to assist the readers in understanding the demographic variables and judging their effect on public and private sector interests. This book also discusses the software products from the 1990s census that revolutionised the usage of demographic data by the government.

5. Bio demography – An Introduction to Concepts and Methods

Key Points:

  • Analysing the comprehensive introduction to the bio-demography
  • Studying real-life examples from non-human and human species
  • Evaluating the interdisciplinary approach to demography

Brief Overview of the Book:

If you want an authoritative overview for your demography dissertation, take this book as an excellent introduction to bio-demography. This book is also enriched with 150+ illustrations of equations and models.

Bio demography is no less than an essential resource for epidemiologists, population biologists, and conservation biologists. You shall see a lot of human and non-human examples quoted in this book for reference in your papers.

6. Emerging Techniques in Applied Demography

Key Points:

  • Evaluating the population projections and estimates
  • Studying the factors that influence the health status
  • Understanding the effect of education on the labour market results

Brief Overview of the Book:

This book is written by gathering the insights of the best sociologists, demographers, and statisticians from Asia, Europe, and Africa. It also covers a wide range of private and public issues under the applied demography, which can prove helpful for a demographic dissertation.

7. Bayesian Demographic Estimation and Forecasting

Key Points:

  • Checking the new statistical frameworks for demographic forecasting and estimation
  • Applying the latest and most recent advances in statistical methodology
  • Observing the tools for handling the challenges in your demographic data sets

Brief Overview of the Book:

If you are working on your demography dissertation, you will find that this book offers different statistical frameworks for modern forecasting and demographic estimation. Also, it shall be helpful to read this book if you have a minimal knowledge of statistics and no previous knowledge of demography.

8. Fertility and Faith – The Demographic Revolution and the Transformation of World Religions

Key Points:

  • The effect of the demographic change on the religious beliefs of people
  • The impact of changing fertility rates on the adaptation of religions
  • The relationship between religious commitment and fertility rates

Brief Overview of the Book:

To get an insight into high-fertility societies such as contemporary Africa, you can read this book. It shall help you understand the influence of different politics, cultures, and attitudes towards the family development of different communities. If you want to work on the fertility and faith demography dissertation topics, this book is no less than an asset.

9. Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity

Key Points:

  • Comprehending identity politics
  • Studying the implications of racial and ethnic classifications
  • Sharing the global perspectives on ethnicity

Brief Overview of the Book:

This book provides an examination of the question of collecting and disseminating data on race and ethnicity for describing the characteristics of different racial groups. If you want a comparative analysis of different ethnic statistics for your work, this book shall be an ideal pick for you. It empirically tests two different perspectives for comprehending national-ethnic practices in a global context.

10. Sensitivity Analysis: Matrix Methods in Demography and Ecology

Key Points:

  • Methods for sensitivity analysis in demography work
  • Forming the matrix of population models
  • The implementation of sensitivity analysis in several programming languages like R or MATLAB

Brief Overview of the Book:

This is an open-access book which shows how you can effectively use your sensitivity analysis in the demography. To new individuals and populations, it presents new methods that can be applied to the research for a demography dissertation. You can also find vital statistics related to your research questions in this book.

The study of human populations for your quantitative research and demographic studies can be facilitated by using this book on social sciences. You shall also be able to rectify your dissertation order with the help of this book.


So, in this article, we have provided you an insight into the top 10 famous books for writing a demography dissertation. For the statistical study of human populations, you should make sure that your literature review is of high quality and that research data is collected from top-notch sources. You shall find a lot of information for your research from the books we suggested.

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