10 Clear Reasons Why Your Business Needs Website and Digital Marketing In 2022

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Are websites still needed, or would a Facebook page be enough to market today’s business? Do you need a website if you feel there are enough customers anyway? In this article, we will answer these questions, among other things, and explain why every business should have a website.

Websites are the foundation of a company’s digital marketing.

The company’s most important digital marketing tool is a good website that brings it leads, i.e. potential customers and new customers. A company does not make many sales without a website, and a lousy website has a similar effect.

Today, there is a lot of investment in various social media channels. It is essential that the company has at least its own Facebook profile, and it would be good to be active on Instagram as well. However, traditional websites have not lost their relevance alongside social media.

It is possible to have high-quality websites relatively cheaply, and for that reason alone, it is foolish not to use the potential they bring. Here are 10 reasons why your business can benefit from a website and digital marketing.

1. Websites serve their visitors around the clock

Websites are the cornerstone of your company’s digital marketing, acting as your agent even when you’re not there. Home pages that serve customers around the clock ensure that potential customers don’t go page by mouth, even in the middle of the night. Thus, the website enables contact in many ways, even in the evenings, on weekends and even from the other side of the globe.

2. Websites provide potential customers with the information they need

Another essential function of the website is to provide potential customers with the necessary and exciting information.

A potential customer who hears about a company, for example, through a push radio, will most likely want to know the company and its services in more detail before making a purchase decision. What is he doing? Probably google the company. If a company has no websites at all or is poor, it may even lose a customer.

3. The website builds the company’s expertise

In addition to purely informative content, the company can convince potential customers of its expertise and competence on its website. In addition to comprehensive service descriptions, the company can publish its references and the experiences of its customers on its website. A website with good design or made using website templates enhances the quality.

4. More customers & better service for existing ones

One thing that gives an entrepreneur real added value is the easy measurability of digital marketing. In digital marketing, you can see how successful your advertising is in each channel and which channels are the most relevant and effective for your company. This is entirely different from, for example, advertising in newspapers or distributing brochures: you can never be sure how they have reached your ideal customer.

5. More visibility

Digital marketing gives you comprehensive visibility, thanks to your targeting, among other things. For example, you can target your marketing based on specific characteristics, locations, or devices used by potential customers. Targeting may find customers you haven’t even thought of before.

6. Generation of new contacts and leads

As stated, one of the critical features of a website is to help the company acquire leads and customers. Websites are the company’s digital business card and more. A good website offers interested customers several suitable options to contact the company.

7. More than a Facebook page

Why do you need a website anymore when you have some? Isn’t a Facebook profile enough for a company’s digital marketing platform? The answer is simple: not enough.

Indeed, Facebook is an essential part of a company’s marketing and a great communication channel between the company and those interested in it, as well as customers. However, a Facebook profile should not be the company’s only online sales representative.

8. Website & digital marketing are the new revolutions

As the world is shifting towards bending over technology to increase the potential of businesses, creating a website using a website builder & the presence of digital marketing over your eCommerce store is the best way possible to get ahead of the competition in time.

9. Get more sales

Investing in your visibility through digital marketing enables you to gain new customers and turn old ones into regular ones. This chain of events will turn your sales in a more positive direction cost-effectively! The former initially requires a lot of familiarity and new ways to learn, but once you learn these skills, you will see precise results and still be affordable.

10. Ease from anywhere 

Digital marketing works digitally, as its name implies. It gives you the means to find the most suitable customer group for you or even wholly new types of customers. It will help you find the channels where your product or service is worth promoting, as the figures shown by analytics will reveal it to you.

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