10 Gorgeous Eyeliner Styles you Should Try!

Eyeliner Boxes

Eyeliner Boxes

Eyeliner is one of the amazing enhancements in makeup. It is not a technique but a skill and an art. The application of perfectly styled eyeliner is one of the hectic jobs for makeup artist. Not only the beginners but also the professionals have to face issues with it. There is no doubt that eyeliner and Eyeliner Boxes are equally attractive. But, getting hands on the application requires a lot of practice.

Getting Start with Eyeliner Application

Perfection in the application of eyeliner requires practice. Before you reach the ultimate level, you need to get start with a few necessary things. Here you can review some of the essential and effective steps for the liner application. All you need is to stick to the right things.

Select the Best Liner

The very first step is the selection of a best and ultimate liner. You should know whether you want to come up with a powder form, water based, liquid base or pencil based liner. The composition and application instructions for both are different. Make sure you will consider the Eyeliner Packaging Boxes to understand about the composition of liner. Eventually, you need to check if the liner suits your skin or not.

Be Comfortable with the Applicator

The next issue comes here is the application. The liner option you are picking up will have some challenges with tis application in the first place. You need to be comfortable with the applicator. No matter if, it is a brush, wand or pencil itself. You should hold it and practice some liner strokes on your hand or arm. It will help you to get the perfect grip on the applicator and get the best outcomes.

Understand your Stroke Limit

The next step is to understand the stroke limit and lines. Once you are able to hold the applicator properly, you need to come up with the right application space. Apply the liner on your eye with its ultimate limits and proper dimensions. Eventually, you will get the right outcomes in the liner area. Most of the time people leave a lot of gap in between lash roots and liner area. So, you need to keep these close to each other for fine application. But, do not let the liner leak into your eyes as it is mentioned on Eyeliner Packaging Boxes.

Practice Plain Line

Liner application comes up with numerous styles and designs. But the first thing starts from the plain and simple line. The single line turns out to be efficient later. You need to practice the smooth line on the eyes. Once it is done, then you can start shaping it well around the lashes and come up with a refined application.

Follow the Styles

When you are comfortable with the frequent application of the liner, and then move towards the style. The hand stability and tactics of perfect application will lead you ways towards multiple styles. It is the time to enhance the eye looks with the help of multiple styles.

10 Eyeliner Styles you Should Try

Once you have excelled the art of applying eyeliner, it is the time to try some variations. Some of the Eyeliner Packaging Boxes contains the ultimate liner application suggestions generally. You need to consider these tips and tricks in the first place. Moving forward, you can come up with the multiple other tricks mentioned below:

Soft Smoky Eyeliner

Smoky eyes are an attraction for everyone. Many people do not want to have these dense and heavy smoky eyes. In this manner, trying out soft smoky eyeliner can help you with it. Using a bit of stokes on the upper and lower lids and balanced with smoke brown shade. It turns out to be an exceptional and appealing presentation of styled eyeliner. The trick is to smudge the liner a little with the eye shadow.

Eyeliner with a Drama

Past is not always the past, it does have its roots in future as well. The drama eyeliner has been in consideration for a long time. It makes the eye look dramatically bold and broad. Giving a perfect punch of liner, you can come up with a classic look at the eyes. The style never demands you to smudge the liner with eye shadow. In fact, you need to make a broad stoke of eyeliner with its clean impact and amazing presentation on the upper eyelid. It is one of the common used styles printed on liner boxes to attract consumers.

Panda Style Liner

You may find it quite funny or amusing when it comes to the panda style eyeliner but it is in trend. Normally, no one likes to have a spilled or smudged eyeliner and eye makeup. But, right now, we have this latest trend of all messy but attractive panda style eyeliner. You will have another kind of smoky eyes with your liner on the upper and lower lid of the eyes. Mostly you can get the matte liner in application and then smudge it with the eyeshade easily. It turns out as the ultimate look. You may read no smudging on Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes, but it is all about the rules we never follow.

Open Wings

Creating wings on the eyes is something that seems different and odd. But, it is one of the unique and top-notch liner styles to try out. You can check out the style to be marketed on the Custom Eyeliner Boxes Wholesale. It is hard to resist the iconic style. It takes a lot of effort and fine quality eyeliner to make the wings. Working on the upper eyelid may be easier but creating a lower impression takes time. You can use some liner sketches or tapes to have the perfect finish with the wing and edges as well.

Egyptian Style

We have not been back in times but the archeology and historical exploration got us close to the Egyptian native trends. There is no doubt that Egyptian makeup is fascinating and attractive at the same time. The eyeliner style of Egyptian pattern has something exclusive in it. Using the bold outline of the eye and giving it perfect tips and edges covered with eye shadow leaves the eyes impactful and breathe taking.

Double Mod

On most of the liner boxes, you will be able to witness the double mod style of the linter for sure. It is about making the right move with the liner skills. In most of modern and nude looks, such style works best. You do not have to put actually any colored eye shadow along with the liner. It gives a smooth and nice cover to the whole eyelid along with the liner border.

Slept in Style

Most of the times, you heard about the eyeliner drawn on upper lid. It is a regular practice by the people. How about sliding it inside the lid on the closing tip. This is something different and unique. Giving your eyes a broader look without making them too heavy is possible with this type. All you need is to come up with the right application and best liner that feels good to your eyes.

Double Flick Liner

Getting a dual shade is not only possible in the eyeshade but liner as well. If you knew the black liner only previously, then you need to come up with a better range of liner colors. The style is about mixing up double colors and creating a flick that makes your liner look breathtaking. Apply the one color stork from the inner edge to the other end. Then, apply the broader stroke of different shade from the inner quarter to the upper side of the outer edge giving is a flick look.

Feline Eyes

The eyeliner style is more like making the eye look like a cat eye. These are trendy and come in limelight after every short time. Application of liner in the style is not a big deal. You just need to stroke the fine line, thin from the inner side and getting bold on the middle. The end comes into a tip shape with a slight upper curve. Eventually a fine line and perfect tip will make the ultimate impression.

Arabic Liner

The most attractive Custom Boxes USA has the Arabic liner as a demonstration on them. Heavy looking fuller liner style gives eyes an amazing look. Best part of the liner style is no tips or drag lines. With a little effort and practice, it is possible to get the best liner in style.



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