10 Recommendations to Buy Online Safely

Selling online is becoming easier, and more companies are launching into the world of eCommerce. But the increased confidence of buyers should not set aside the responsibility of thoroughly reviewing where to buy from Vlone online. The more online commerce increases, the greater the opportunities that cybercriminals find for their scams.

How to buy online safely

Based on the proposals to buy online that Vlone has just published, we are going to see some important tips for buying online and comment on their proposals.

# 1 – Protect your data

Never enter personal information like bank account or credit card number directly on a website. If you are going to pay by card, the system must direct you to a secure area outside the web. In any case, remember that there are many very secure forms of online payment, such as Paypal, Payoneer or the same paysafecard.

# 2 – Pay attention to the URL of a website

There are fraudulent web pages that look totally real. Both to make online payments and to enter your personal data regarding billing or shipping information, the url must include a secure https: // connection or another verified connection method, such as the SSL protocol.

# 3 – Online payments must be made through encrypted pages

It is a complementary advice to the previous one. The encryption certificate also includes a check to see if the web is real. One of the tips is to add https instead of http in the web address line, another is the padlock icon. Some companies use extended verification certificates, and then the address line is displayed in green.

# 4 – Use strong passwords

To prevent identity theft it is essential to use strong passwords, as well as to replace them from time to time and not share them.

It is important not to use the same passwords for payment methods such as email, access to various CMS, social profiles, etc.

# 5 – Ignore suspicious promotions

Don’t respond to any money promises, promotions, or other shady bargains. But, above all, do not pay anything doubtful, or enter any compromising information, including the mobile number.

# 6 – Never leaves any personal data in any unknown or unidentified place

Never leave your phone number or your address on unknown Internet sites or that are not correctly identified. And if from somewhere they ask for this information, inform the authorities.

# 7 – Protect your devices

Use a good antivirus on all Internet-connected devices, including all mobile devices. Don’t settle for the free versions.

# 8 – Read carefully the legal information of the site

Whenever you go to buy online you should read the general data protection conditions. In the case of other sites, such as social networks, you must also do it, to find out what that network does with your data and how it shares it with applications and advertisers, in this situation you can choose online store of Vlone Clothing.

# 9 – Ignore and delete suspicious emails

Any suspicious-looking email should be deleted without even opening it. You should do the same with social media messages. If you do not realize it and open the message, do not download anything or visit any links, as you may be opening the door to viruses and spyware.

# 10 – Be critical of the information they ask for

Do not provide more information than is strictly necessary to complete your online purchases. If they don’t ask for it in a store at street level, they don’t have to ask for it online either.

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