11 Must Ask Questions on The First Date

The first date is a mystery. You don’t know how it’s going to end up, even if you have already known the person for many months or years. Dating can be really intimidating, especially on the first date—where questions are flying everywhere in your head.

If you are wondering about what questions to ask on the first date or any dates for that matter, here are the eleven must-ask questions that you should be thinking about.

What Do You Do for a Living?

What does this question tell you? First, it lets you know them more as a person and their interests outside work hours. That way, you will have multiple topics of interest when all else fails. If they have an impressive answer to this question, then sure! But, you can let your guard down when it comes to the other topics.

Which Social Media Platform Are You On?

Nowadays, everyone is on at least one social media platform—if not many. The reason why this question is in this list of must-ask questions on the first date is that you can identify if they’re trying too hard in front of the mirror before the date or that he cares about his looks (because he makes sure to post well-edited photos). You know, vanity! Plus, it gives you a sense of who they really are as a person—which side of them do you see more often: what’s real or what’s reality?

What Type of Relationship are We Entering into?

This question might be a little bit early, but it does give you an insight into what is to come. Are they trying way too hard? Were they expecting something more than a casual fling? This question can give you a clue on if they were expecting a relationship to happen.

What Do You Like Best About Yourself?

This is a great question when it comes to self-esteem boosting. If he has nothing good to say about himself, then what’s the point of even trying in your dating life? Or maybe he has faced some struggles in his past that he isn’t proud of—it’s okay! Everyone makes mistakes along the way. It will be really nice to see the good in themselves instead of focusing on the wrong aspects.

What Is Your Life Ambition?

Not only do you get to know them better, but this question gives them a chance to elaborate more about what they want to become or who they are aiming for. If he has none, well, there’s always time for a change. Some people just need that little push every now and then. This will give you an idea of whether his intentions are pure or not—whether he likes your company or wants something more than just friendship with benefits.

How Do You Feel About Games?

You can also find out what type of person they are by asking this question because everyone has their game preferences, whether it be video games, board games, card games, etc. Some people are introverts while others are extroverts—it all depends on the person you’re asking to go out with. You might even find out what type of games you could do for future dates!

Who Is Your Favorite Author?

There is a reason why I’ve placed this question along with the others. Interests are a lot of fun to talk about—you don’t even have to ask that intense questions! This is also a good topic if you’re both into books or whatever form of literature because it’s probably going to be one of your common interests as well.

What’s Your Take on Online Dating?

This question is an excellent way to find out what type of person they are. For example, you can tell if they’re a little skeptical about online dating or that a friend had terrible experiences with online dating and stopped doing it altogether. It’s also an easy topic to discuss since everyone has different opinions on this subject. For example, if they have tried to find a sugar daddy in UK, that would be something to talk about.

How Do You Feel About Family and Friends?

This is a good question because you can get an idea of how they feel about their family and friends, whether they’re close with them or not. It’s also a good way for them to tell you more about themselves without being too serious when all else fails! I mean, how are you supposed to have fun if both of you are keeping it 100 the whole time? This is what makes this question one of my favorites in this list of must-ask questions on the first date.

What is Your Dream Vacation Spot?

‘Tis always best to know where your partner in crime wants to go so there won’t be any surprises when it’s your turn to book that ticket. It’s also a good question because you can tell what type of person they depend on where they want to go. For example, many people love nature, which is why some would love the idea of camping or backpacking instead of exploring nearby cities or historical sites with loads of tourists.

What Type of Partner Are You Looking For?

This might be another early question, but it would be best if you know whether they are looking for something long-term or if they’re operating under the casual dating rule wherein, after several dates, there will be no expectations at all! Knowing this information will help you build your relationship accordingly and give you time to assess each other better—not just physically but mentally.


These questions can help you know more about your date. They are also easier to ask because there are no deep probing questions that will make the situation uncomfortable again if things aren’t going well! Instead, this is a simple way to keep the atmosphere light and fun, so both of you will have a good time ahead.

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