14 Interesting Ideas for Your Instagram Theme

There are so many choices available for your Instagram theme like from borders to no borders, from bright to dark, from puzzles to tiles, and much more that you are likely to get confused.

An Instagram theme is a representation of your personality. Most people make the mistake of not maintaining a consistent theme for their feed. You should know that your theme is what influences a person to check your account, like, and follow it. So, it is important to maintain a consistent theme. The more consistent your theme will be more people will follow your account and like your profile.

If you want to have a consistent Instagram theme but cannot decide from where to start then this article is for you. Here we will discuss 14 theme ideas that you can use for your Instagram. So, without any delay let’s get started.

Theme1. Row Theme

If you want to be more creative and want to tell a story to whoever visits your profile then this theme is perfect for you. Arranging your posts row by row gives a feeling to your visitors as if they are reading a magazine. For using this row theme use only one row for sharing photos related to one particular topic.

Theme2. Line in Between

This line in between theme guides your visitors as they keep on scrolling down through your profile. Though this theme is suitable with any color you choose it generally looks better on white backgrounds.

Theme3. White Border Theme

One of the best layouts that you can use to make your feed look clean and decent is this one. You can separate one post from the other by cropping them and using borders of different widths. This will make your Instagram feed more spacious. A white border is an effective theme to make your post look unique if it appears in the Explore tab of Instagram.

Theme4. Dark Border Theme

This theme is just perfect for dark and moody posts. Being rare, dark border theme also makes your post look different from others. They best suit the minimalist photos and photos that have strong color pops.

Theme5. Puzzle Grid Theme

If you want to try out something new then you can go for a puzzle grid theme. In this theme, each small square in your feed contains a piece of a large image, and all these small image squares lead to a particular pattern together when viewed as a whole.

There are some points that you must keep in mind while using this theme. First, each photo should make sense, and second, you should maintain the quality of each image so that it looks clear when you split the big image.

Theme6. Rainbow Theme

This theme involves the use of more than one color layout. In this theme, your feed will change colors as viewers go on scrolling down through your profile. Rainbow themes are very rarely used, if you can use this theme perfectly then your feed is bound to stand out from others.

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Theme7. Rectangle Photos Theme

In this theme, the posts are separated by enough white spaces giving your viewers a clear view of the details of every image as they scroll down.

This theme can highlight the beautiful parts of a photo and thus making it an ideal theme for those who want their viewers to give attention to a particular part of a photo. And also being different from the usual square-shaped photos this theme makes your posts easily noticeable to viewers in the Explore tab.

Theme8. Blue Theme

If you want to be consistent with the blue theme then you have to fix the timing for clicking photos for your posts. You can choose to click your photos either after sunset or before sunrise. If you do not want such hassle then you can use various editing apps and add blue tones to your photos by using the temperature tool. Instagram has its in-built temperature tool.

According to Reader’s Digest, blue images get 24% more likes than prominent colors such as red. People generally like the blue theme because it gives a sense of openness to them.

Theme 9. White Color Theme with Mixed Borders

This theme is somewhat similar to the white border theme the only difference is that here the width of the borders is irregular. There is no need of arranging the posts properly in your feed with this theme. This theme suits any type of photo and like a white theme; it also makes your feed look spacious.

Theme10. Black and White Theme

This theme is also a great choice because it gives an expensive and sophisticated look to your Instagram feed. You can take the help of any editing app to edit your photos in black and white or, you can simply create a black and white theme from Instagram itself, all you have to do is select the image, click on Filters, and from there choose Inkwell filter.

Theme11. Pink and Blue Theme

Just like for the blue theme, you need to have specific timing for clicking your photos i.e. either after sunset or before sunrise, in the same way for the pink and blue theme you have to choose the timing, but the difference is for this theme you have to click your photos either during sunset or sunrise. You can also use photo editing apps to set pink and blue themes but if you want your posts to look natural then do not use apps instead click them during sunset or sunrise as at that time the sun itself creates a beautiful pink and blue tone in the sky.

Theme12. Clean Instagram Feed Theme

If you want to keep your feed simple and clean then you can go for this theme. While using this theme keep in mind that this theme should not look much colorful, so choose only a few colors for editing and always stay consistent with them.

Theme13. No Filter Theme

No filter theme gives a raw and natural look to your feed and also it does not require much heavy editing. You might have to make some minor changes in the brightness, contrast, or sharpness.

Theme 14. Minimalist Theme

You can go for a minimalist theme if you want to make your feed look simple. The best part about the minimalist theme is that a single detail can tell a whole lot of stories. For a minimalist theme, you have to focus on only one subject in your photos and keep much open space around that subject.


These are the 14 Instagram themes that you can use for your feed. Hope after reading this you have gained some idea about some Instagram themes and when and how to use them. But, remember there can be much more themes than these.