3 Keys to Getting Discovered as a Music Artist

If you’re an aspiring recording artist and you think you have what it takes to break into the music industry, you should know that simply having talent is not enough in this day and age. You not only need to present a package that’s interesting to labels but you also have to take the steps necessary to get your music heard by the right people. You also have to be ready to hear way more noes than yeses. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do if you want to get discovered as a music artist.

Find a Great Studio and Producer

The first thing you have to do is be able to demonstrate that you can make professional-level music. This means that you’ll have to find yourself a good music production studio and a producer. Don’t assume that you need to go to Manchester or Glasgow to find top-level producers or studios, however.

If you’re located in Kent, for instance, then you should have no trouble finding a good music producer. Recording studios Kent UK are just as good as what you’d find anywhere in the country. You can also find a recording studio in Kent for much cheaper than in other high-profile cities.

If you’re looking for a great recording studio in Kent, make sure that you look at multiple options and ask what people have to say about a particular studio. The same goes if you’re looking for music production Kent. If a music studio Kent and producer keep getting mentioned for the right reasons, then it’s a clear sign that you have a winner.

Publish Your Music and Build an Audience

Once you have a few tracks you feel are good enough, you can publish them on a site like Bandcamp and Soundcloud and immediately start building an audience on social media. The two main platforms you should start with are YouTube and Instagram, though TikTok should be considered.

The goal here is to showcase your talent and your personality too. These are also great places to put song covers. Singing covers of trending songs will allow you to ride the wave and get lots of attention. Once you’ve built a solid audience on social media, you can go to the next step.

Get to Networking

You will now need to do the networking work necessary to get your music heard by the right people. You can try to find the contact info of A&R or agents online and try to connect with them directly. You can also try to interact with them directly through any platforms they frequently post on.

You have to be ready to meet people in person too, as it remains one of the best ways to make your mark. And, if you’re willing to sell yourself, an impromptu performance could be enough to sway an executive opinion. So, always be ready to perform, and make sure that you have cards with your Soundcloud/Bandcamp and all your social media details prepared. Try to frequent places where execs tend to congregate too, like certain restaurants or music venues, for instance. It would also help if you moved to a city where there are a lot of music label headquarters.

Getting discovered and getting a major record deal is not easy, but it is entirely possible if you have what labels want. All you have to do is be ready to build an initial fanbase on your own and do the legwork necessary to get your music noticed by the big names in the industry.

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