3 Must read books that would help you sell anything

The three non-fiction books, The New Strategic Selling, The Ultimate Sales machine and Insight Selling listed below will provide you the much-needed guidance on sales and how to boost by simultaneously benefitting the customers and your own organisation. As evident from the title, they will assist you in selling almost anything. By following the tactics and strategies mentioned in these books you will surely be able take your business to new heights. If you want to self publish your book then here are some top self publications companies for you.

You can check out the book summaries and audiobook summaries available on these books if you want to delve deep. Just like contemporary romance books, these books will grasp your attention till the end.

The New Strategic Selling by Robert B. Miller, Tad Tuleja, Stephen E. Heiman, J.W. Marriott


The book New Strategic Selling is all about establishing long term customer relations. The authors focus on the importance of treating customers as the king and understanding their perspective and choices on various things to make them your permanent customers.

It is imperative to form strategies and tactics to lure customers. Successful long- term sales cannot be possible without a solid plan. You can surely attract the customers for a short run without any plan but in order to earn their trust and loyalty it’s important to win them over for a longer period. You will also come to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your brand or business when you establish plans to woo your customers. But the real deal is to transform those weaknesses into strengths rather than dwelling on them and letting them take over your self-confidence.

A real and honest salesperson will never use his/her position to cheat the customers by recommending or suggesting to them something that is not of their use or they will regret buying later. If you are a salesperson and are looking to impress your customers then make sure that you establish a win-win scenario. Simply put, make a deal where you and the customer both emerge winners instead of one’s profits and other’s loss.

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

The Ultimate Sales Machine throws light on twelve tips and tactics a business or an organisation must follow to become successful. These tactics must be applied to all the departments from management, marketing to sales and Human Resource.

The success or failure of a company depends on the workforce. If the workforce is enthusiastic and passionate, the sales will increase thus, proving to be beneficial for the company. But in case the workforce is dull and tired, the company will suffer losses. The author Chet Holmes primarily focuses on sharpening or strengthening the workforce by providing them training to boost the sales of your organisation.

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He provides an example of a Lumberjack (a person who cuts wood) to clarify this point. If a lumberjack wants to cut more wood it’s simple that he needs to add a few more hours to each day in order to increase his efficiency. Similarly, training the employees work as extra hours added to each day which will result in increased performance in the long run. In addition to this, Training ensures that your workforce knows where you want them to concentrate their efforts on and what areas of performance they need to improve.

The author reiterates the importance of these tactics in The Ultimate Sales machine and states that implementing either of them could result in a massive turnover and success of the organisation.


Insight Selling by Michael Harris


The book Insight Selling talks about various methods that should be adopted by the sales people to benefit both themselves and the customers. These tactics are full of insights to woo customers and earn their confidence to establish long- term relationships. If you are a salesperson who is looking to establish such great relationships with your customer, then the most important and the easiest thing you can do is to listen to your customer. By giving them the true product description and review, you can explain the utility of that product in their life.

The author Michael Harris urges the readers to become a google search for your customer. It might sound strange but this approach is tried and tested by multiple successful experts and professionals. Do a quick guesswork and tell us in the comments what do you do the first thing after you see a product and plan on purchasing it? You certainly do extensive research about the brand, price, quality and color of the product. Isn’t it?

Then if you become a salesperson who provides all these basic and necessary information to your customers without any ulterior motives, then don’t you think your customers would be impressed by this gesture and will think about purchasing the product then are there and not from some online store?

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