3 Tips To Quit Smoking

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When people talk about smoking they are mostly referring to tobacco smoking. Tobacco addiction is very difficult to overcome but don’t worry, if you are struggling from this addiction, I’ll be giving you 3 tips that if you diligently follow will help you stop smoking.

Smoking is simply the practice of burning tobacco and then inhaling the smoke produced from the burning. Wikipedia says “Addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli disperse the adverse consequences.” Smoking cigarettes alone is bad and then being addicted to smoking is even worse. So lets say what’s done is done and you have already fallen into that category, is there a way out? Yes, there is a way out, this guide was tailored to help situations like that. All you have to do would be to diligently follow the tips I’ll be providing and you’ll see yourself stop smoking in less than no time.

Stay away from triggers

A trigger is anything that’ll make you want to start smoking. For some it might be when they are stressed, angry, around a particular friend, sipping coffee, etc. Triggers are different for different people and as such I’m sure you already know your triggers. Once you have identified your triggers, make a plan to avoid them entirely and if it’s something you can’t avoid then make a plan to go through it without using tobacco.

Be more physical 

A physical activity is any voluntary body movement produced by your skeletal muscles that require energy expenditure. Physical activities include both exercises and incidental activities. How does physical activity help my cravings you may wonder. Physical activities can be used to distract you from your tobacco craving and consequently reduce its intensity.

Physical activities you could try out to take your mind off smoking include running, jogging, taking a walk around the neighbourhood etc., and for situations where you are in a place you can’t move easily like your office then you can try some basic exercises like squats, deep knee bends, or walking up and down a set of stairs. For situations where you can’t try any physical activity at all or it doesn’t interest you, you can try prayers, meditation, you can do chores and just about anything that could take your mind off it.

Transitioning from smoking to vaping 

Vaping rather than smoking is the easiest method to follow if you want to stop smoking. For many where smoking has become an addiction, they could say they just enjoy it not knowing that it’s all thanks to the nicotine used in the production of tobacco. Vaping is a much safer approach and there are various vaping liquids available in the market today starting from those with high nicotine dosage to those with little or no nicotine at all.

One rule of thumb to follow, if you want to stop smoking via vaping is to start with vaping liquids that contain higher amounts of nicotine and slowly walk your way down to the point where you use liquids with little or no nicotine content.

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