3 Top Alternatives To Smoking & Vaping Medical Marijuana

Vaping Medical Marijuana

Smoking and vaping cannabis have been popular ways to consume medical marijuana for a long time. However, there are some drawbacks to these methods that make them not the best option for some people. In this blog post, we will discuss 3 top alternatives to smoking or vaping medical marijuana, as evidenced by demand on a top-rated marijuana doctor’s official website: edible products, tinctures, and capsules. We will also talk about how each of these works and what they offer.

Marijuana Topicals

Topicals are a form of cannabis that is applied to the skin. They are used for localized relief, like muscle aches and back pain. The lotions or creams can be made with various ingredients such as coconut oil and other oils/oils mixed in (depending on what’s being made) and strains and flavorings like cocoa powder. Topical products typically contain cannabis oil, coconut oil, butter, or some other type of fat, depending on what they’re being used for (to make). These topical items like vapes or dab / wax vaporizers will have no carbon monoxide, so people who use this method may experience less inflammation and pain. Unlike those using other forms of marijuana consumption methods like smoking it through an e-cigarette device or vaping it from an e-cigarette device.

This is an excellent alternative to smoking or vaping because you can control the amount of THC absorbed into your system. Since it’s not metabolized, there are far fewer side effects like anxiety or paranoia associated with other methods. Topicals also make it easier than ever before to measure out doses so that people who use them stay in their comfort zone while still experiencing relief from medical marijuana usage!

Tinctures and Capsules

If you don’t want to eat cannabis, tinctures or capsules are a great alternative! A tincture is an alcohol-based liquid that’s made from the ground-up flowers of the cannabis plant itself. People who use tincture take it by dropping some under their tongue for faster relief since it enters directly into your bloodstream. You have more control with this method because you know how much THC will enter your system at any given time.

Capsules are another popular alternative since they’re easier to take than tinctures and work more slowly, so you can feel the effects over a more extended period. You’ll also have less chance of experiencing any side effects that come with smoking or vaping, which is excellent if you don’t want to deal with those! These capsules usually contain cannabis oil, coconut oil, butter, or some other type of fat (depending on what’s being made), as well as strains and ingredients for flavoring them, like cocoa powder. The idea behind these products is that because they’re taken orally rather than smoked or vaped, there will be no carbon monoxide in your system either, meaning people who use this method may experience decreased inflammation and pain.

Capsules and tinctures are a great alternative to smoking or vaping because they offer more control over using cannabis for treatment and less chance of side effects like anxiety or paranoia. This is because they’re delivered through oral mucous membranes instead of having to digest/metabolize them.

Marijuana Edibles

One way that some patients ingest their medication is through edibles like brownies, cookies, candy bars, and other baked goods infused with cannabis oil or butter. These types of edibles usually take longer for the effects to kick in than when smoked or vaped but they last much longer too- sometimes up to six hours. The high from these products also tends to be mellower and more focused on the mind rather than body.

The THC used to make these edibles is extracted from the plant using a process called decarboxylation which makes it more potent than raw marijuana leaves so you don’t need as much of it.

Edibles are an excellent way to medicate without smoking and some people prefer them because they don’t have any smell that may set off strangers or relatives in close proximity who do not approve of their use. Plus, you can eat as much as needed at a time, rather than having to smoke a certain number of doses.

Not everyone responds well to smoking marijuana, so these methods may alleviate those worries as they’re delivered through alternative channels.

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