3 Ways Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the human world

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making human lives easier for quite some time now. From automated movie recommendations on Netflix to Alexa making your shopping lists, AI has transformed our lives in many ways.

Relevant M.Sc. Data Science, AI and Digital Business programs can introduce you to the progress of AI in the human world and allow you to pick up tech skills that let you contribute to this technological revolution.

Read ahead to explore some of the remarkable achievements of AI in the modern world.

AI is revolutionising healthcare by making surgeries automated

There are many complex surgeries in the healthcare domain that require a dedicated team of qualified surgeons and other medical staff. Even then, owing to the complexities of the human body, there could be a lot that could go wrong.

With AI developments in the field of robotics, automated and robotic surgeries are becoming more commonplace, making them safer. has published many studies that prove that AI-assisted surgeries are 5 times safer than manual surgeries.

Automated surgeries are generally less invasive than manual surgeries, allowing patients to recover faster with fewer post-operative complications.

AI is revolutionising virtual assistance through the creation of digital assistants

The wide prevalence of networks like Bluetooth and the Internet-of-Things has connected us in many more ways than we can think of. These days, we depend on the internet to give us reliable information on anything from the expected traffic on the roads to the next day’s weather.

Digital assistants like Siri, Cortana and Alexa are the new-age butlers that help us organize and make our daily lives more productive. AI developments especially in the field of natural language processing also allows these assistants to become more advanced and useful with time.

A survey estimates that around 1.8 billion people are using some form of digital assistance in 2021. This number can only be expected to increase over time.

AI is revolutionising social media through predictive analytics

With the millennial generation popularising the usage of social media platforms, they have become an integral part of our daily lives in 2021. data reveal that Facebook alone had more than 1.69 billion users in 2020. This number is greater than the population in some countries.

The social media giants can however thank artificial intelligence developments for their phenomenal growth. published a report which stated that the size of the AI social media market could reach a value of $ 2.1 billion by 2023.

Most social media platforms extensively use AI applications such as geotagging that allows people to mark their check-ins into different places. Other AI applications include predictive analytics that are used in social media advertising and natural language processing which is used in voice texts.

Social media platforms also use AI to improve their user experience and customer satisfaction.

There are countless other upcoming AI developments such as self-driven cars that can enhance human lives in the future. Invest in a good artificial intelligence or data science degree that can let you contribute to these significant technological developments.


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