4 Different Types Of Stockings That You Must Have

Stockings are an essential these days. No outfit is complete without a pair of women’s stockings in it. Here are four different types of stockings that you must have.

Fishnet Stockings

Out of all the women stockings available in the market, this is one of the most stylish pairs of stockings.  Fishnet or fencenet stockings are designed to give a sexy and stylish look that compliments your outfit. These stockings have the most flattering peek-a-boo factor as it shows your skin under a fishnet. Fishnet stocking suppliers make sure that their designed stockings match with almost every sexy silky dress and raise the temperatures around you. Apart from wearing it under a silk dress, you can also pair it up with ripped pants and stand out from the crowd. 

Lace Stockings

The next popular category in women’s stockings is the lace stockings. As you know laces and borders give more of a feminine vibe, therefore these are the stockings every girl wishes to wear. It makes the outfit look authentic as well as feminine. You can wear these stockings on a date night or even on a workday under your pencil skirt. White lace stockings look great under dresses. The laces ending at the thighs of these stockings showcase some sensuality and give a feminine vibe. What else does a woman expect from her fashionable stockings! Formal skirts and dresses can be paired with cute lace stockings.

Printed Stockings

With the evolving time and trends, stockings soon became an important part of women’s clothing. From being a layer under the dress to style quotient under the jeans and shorts, stocking found their way like no other. When we talk about printed stockings, no doubt women stockings are flooded with this variety. Query prints, decent designs and much more is all that printed stockings consist of. These stockings look super cool on young girls and are best fit for all seasons. You can try pairing them with mini skirts, hipsters, shorts etc.

Transparent Stockings

If there is one term that can explain transparent stockings, it has to be the hide and seek type stockings. These stockings let you showcase your legs but keep the skin under a nylon layer at the same time. Yes you read it right, it is a transparent nylon layer that lets your legs breathe and stay stylish. The hide and seek element in transparent stockings make them extra sexy and sensuous. This is one such pair that you can go for during your date nights. These are a type of women’s stockings that come in three different categories. One is sheer, second is ultra sheer and third is super sheer. The ultra sheer and super sheer are extremely transparent whereas sheer stockings give some visible coverage. They can be worn with any outfit and are also a very popular variant in plus size stockings in the UK.

These were the top four categories of women’s stockings that have every woman’s heart. In case you are willing to buy any of these, no better place than I WANT TIGHTS. Visit their store online and order your size at the earliest.

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