4 Global Trends in the Vaping Industry for 2021

Spending your free time vaping and enjoying different flavors might not seem like the best idea in the world, but if you’re looking for a bit of harmless fun and a way to relax after a long day at work – this is the stuff for you! Vaping isn’t as dangerous and harmful as smoking and there are no restrictions that apply to it, and that means you can enjoy it whenever you want and however you want it. Due to all that, vaping is getting more and more popular around the globe, and if you too are into this sort of activity, you might be interested in finding more about global vaping trends that are taking this industry to the next level.

New battery features

This used to be one of the issues all vaping enthusiasts would complain about when talking about their vaping experience. No matter how much money they’ve invested in their vape pens, juice, and kits, they usually couldn’t enjoy their favorite activity as long as they wanted to. This is because the previous generation of vape pens came with poor battery features and couldn’t last that long no matter how much time you’ve spent charging them.

Today, though, the situation is quite different. New models come with a brand new feature that makes their charging much easier and quicker. The USB port that’s present on new pens enables you to charge your battery using a fast charger you’d generally use for your smartphone or tablet. Also, not only will you be able to charge your pen quickly, but you’ll get to use it for a longer period, which makes this a win-win scenario for all vaping fans!

Disposable tanks

Even if you manage to charge your vaping device to the fullest, you still won’t get to enjoy it that much unless your tank is in perfect condition. After all, this is the most important part of the entire process because this is where your vaping juice turns into the flavor you love and cherish that much. So, if there’s something wrong with it, you need to clean it and make sure it’s perfect.

Since this is quite a tiring and boring job, most users don’t like doing it, which is why they were so happy to hear that they’ll be able to use disposable tanks instead. These appeared some time ago and flipped the entire industry upside down, making it easier for millions of users to enjoy vaping without wasting time cleaning their tanks.

Disposable tanks

New flavors

Back in the day, vaping fans could find just a handful of flavors on the market, and if they didn’t like them – well, too bad! You had to use them because there were no other options available, but the truth is that this didn’t work for everyone who wanted to have a great time while vaping and explore as many different flavors as possible.

Luckily, things are quite different now, and the variety of flavors available right now is huge. So, whether you prefer extravagant fruity flavors or something more traditional, you’ll be able to find whatever you want, especially if you manage to find the best disposable vape pen out there. This combination of tasty flavors and quality equipment is crucial if you wish to have a great time vaping and make the most of this activity, so start checking out new flavors right now!

Going smaller and smaller

With so many people getting into vaping year after year, it’s no surprise that vaping technology is developing more rapidly than we can imagine. Things are constantly becoming quicker, more elegant, and more effective when it comes to vaping equipment, but there’s another feature to consider – the size of your vaping devices.

Even though vaping is legal and accepted around the world, people still don’t want to be seen with a giant and impractical device. This is why a more elegant and sleek design is favored right now, and this trend will surely continue in the future as well.


Vaping in 2021 means showing the world that you’re ready to enjoy your habit no matter what and happy to accept the changes that are coming your way, so check these trends and innovations out and enjoy vaping like never before!

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