4 Life Hacks to Help You Relax Your Mind

It’s been a tumultuous and turbulent year. With the start of the new year comes with it new hope for better and brighter beginnings. But, needless to say, it will not be as simple as changing the number on your calendar. You will need to change some habits in your life to achieve a more relaxed, calmer piece of mind and lifestyle. For example, instead of overwhelming yourself with activities and tasks, and try to reach more people than a mass text messaging campaign, you may want to consider taking some time for yourself, to unwind and relax. Such a task only requires you to perform a few minor changes, and additions, to your day-to-day life, in order to meet that relaxing mindset. Here are 4 life hacks to help you relax your mind.

1- Start Writing

We all need a hobby. Something to do in our spare time so we don’t waste it doing absolutely nothing. A nice and easy to do hobby is writing. You can write from where you stand right now. It takes nothing to write. You don’t have to write to get published. Simply write as a way to offload all the extra thoughts in your head and emotions in your heart. Use writing as a stress relief so that you don’t have to keep those emotions and ideas bottled up inside of you. Dedicate one or two hours a day to sitting down on your laptop, or a pad and pen if your feeling nostalgic, and chip away at that built-up energy inside of you. You can write about anything you want. Write about what’s bothering you, or write about your day. Write a story if you’re feeling creative, or about a particular issue if you’re feeling opinonated.  I guarantee you by the time you get up from where you are sitting, you will feel a more relaxed, more content, version of yourself.

2- Meditation 

A lot of people find meditation and breathwork exercises to be useful and beneficial to their mind, body, and soul. Meditating can be as easy as dedicating some time to be by yourself, with a few lit candles and soothing music, practicing your breathing, and being mindful of what’s bothering you. You can meditate early in the morning as soon as you wake up, or late in the night before you go to sleep. Try meditating throughout the day with the help of the daily meditation app if you are feeling especially tired and stressed out.

3- Exercise Regularly

Studies show that regular exercise contributes immensely to a positive and peaceful mental health. Exercising helps release the pressure from the emotional valve that builds up inside of you as a result of the time you spend stressing at work than family, friends, and social life. Going to the gym, or going for a run, to unleash that built up emotion will do your mind and body wonders. Plus there are the numerous and well-known health benefits to exercising as well. Try to exercise whenever your time allows it. You don’t need to opt for a full-time gym membership. Try going for runs at your local park, or even exercise an hour a day at home.

4- Eat Healthy

Finally, the simple switch to healthier foods will all but guarantee that your mind remains relaxed and calm. Junk and fatty foods have a tendency to upset our demeanor and attitude. Healthier alternatives will detox those toxins from your body and have you feeling more at peace with yourself. Perform simple changes to your diet for a long-lasting sense of ease and comfort.

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