4 Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

Outsourcing is getting really popular nowadays. Software development companies have been using its benefits for a while now, it was just called differently – dedicated development teams. They work in the same way as usual outsourcing – a company that needs a project done hires third-party services to provide them with an additional (or main) workforce.

The teams consist of experienced professionals who can perform any tasks, be it simple code writing or UI/UX design. They can also take the role of full-cycle product development partner.

How Does It Work?

This model works in a really simple way. Firstly, a customer finds and contacts the service, They negotiate all the requirements, details of the project, price, team size, and many other aspects. After that, they sign a contract, which ensures that the legal side of the job is 100% secured and that everything will be done as negotiated.

After that, the dedicated developers are fully yours. The hired company takes some responsibilities, like ensuring the top-level quality and overall performance of the workers. Also, it’s their task to provide the most fitting individuals who specialize in aspects that are important for a particular project.

On the other hand, the client can manage the dedicated team however they want. It can be reassigned, scaled up or down, or given a new schedule. However, as one could probably guess, it still needs to be discussed with the company that provides the workers. Unless it’s stated in the contract, of course.

What Are the Advantages?

There are many reasons to hire dedicated development team for all your software needs. In this list, we’ll prove that hiring the devs yourself and renting an office for them is a thing of the past.

Full Focus

The first and the main advantage of such an outsourced team is that it’s fully dedicated to the assigned project, hence the name of this model. They don’t have any distractions, and thanks to their immense skills and knowledge, the task can be done in the shortest period of time.

Also, one can always be sure that the deadlines won’t be missed. More importantly, such teams can be hired as an addition to an already existing project to help finish it faster. As said before, they are fully focused on their task, eliminating all the potential issues.


Another key point in the advantages of outsourcing development is its cost-efficiency. The traditional way to create a program looks like this:

  1. Create a department/hire HR specialists that will search and find the right candidates for the job.
  2. Gather the devs into teams and provide them with tasks.
  3. Provide them with workspace, equipment as well as some things for the comfort of work.
  4. Supervise and manage their performance, solve the upcoming problems and maintain the quality of the project.

However, with a dedicated group of developers, it’s just a single point.

  1. Hire a specialized service and provide them with tasks.

Now, think about all the saved expenses at each step of the whole process. No more money wasted on HR, offices, equipment, and such. No more nerve-racking and time-consuming search for the right individuals. No more losses due to the inefficiency of the teams or internal issues.

But what’s even better, is the price of such services. Most of them are located in Asian and Eastern-European regions. What it means is that their wages are much lower than the market average, while still being high for that particular region. By lower, we mean that hiring such a group of foreign professional devs is 2-3 times cheaper than the specialists of the same level from the US or Europe.

Also, now you might think that they lose a lot in quality due to the lower price. But it’s not the case here, as specialists in outsourcing companies have expert knowledge that allows them to perform on the same level or higher than the ones from wealthier countries. T

IT education in the said regions has reached the top level in the last decade. And the high wages are always a good motivation for the workers to keep performing flawlessly.


What’s one of the biggest problems in operating a group of employees? Right, the transparency of their work, expenses, and quality of performance. Every time the team is assigned to a task, one must always check up on them, or assign specialists to that matter. Otherwise, expect lower performance rates, higher expenses, and decreased quality overall.

Yet, in most cases, even professional supervisors and managers can’t save you from the lack of transparency that always leads to extra expenses. A dedicated development team won’t have these issues. The service that provides them always ensures that there are no secrets from their customers and that everything is 100% transparent in every aspect.

The contract is the proof. If the deal is done, everything will be included there. All the expenses, deadlines, quality, and other things. You know everything from the beginning, which means that there will never be any unpleasant surprises.


Just like the example shown in the point regarding cost-efficiency, the scalability of such a model proves to be more beneficial. Basically, scaling up a company the usual way looks almost the same as creating it from scratch, but with additional expenses and stressful aspects.

Yet, with dedicated teams, it’s as simple as telling the hired service that you need more workers. You can ask for additional employees any time, and your team will be easily scaled up in a matter of hours. It can be used to finish the project faster or add new features to it.

To Sum It Up

So, shortly speaking, dedicated development teams are the ultimate solution to any of your software development needs. You don’t have to find, recruit, and manage employees yourself. 

Just find the right company, and they will do all the job for you. Remember to make all the demands as precise as possible, the goal of the project – clear, and communicate with the workers to maximize their efficiency and eliminate any potential misunderstandings. Good luck!

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