4 Tips for Styling Your Bodysuit

One of the amazing things about fashion trends is that they never seem to totally vanish but rather come back reinvented for a new generation. Some fashions will always work no matter what era and others need a bit of tweaking. Not so the bodysuit! Somehow it will always work, and this led so many women to wonder why and how they seemed to fade back into the shadows for several years. It seemed that crop tops took over but never really got as popular as bodysuits. There are reasons for this which you will discover as we begin talking about tips for styling that bodysuit you are looking at.

1. Plan the Bodysuit as the Foundation of Your Outfit

The first thing you will learn about bodysuits is that they serve a purpose other than fashion. Bodysuits are designed to pull everything up from the hips to the shoulders, giving that bit of lift and shape that better defines a woman’s curves. So then, the first tip would be to style your total look around the bodysuit that will pull all your curves back into the right places while serving as a non-invasive tummy tuck. How cool is that? By the way, this is also why bodysuits are enjoyed by greater number of women than crop tops. They work better on all body types instead of being fashioned for supermodels with a bone thin figure.

2. To See or Not to See – That Is the Question

While bodysuits can come in many styles and made from all sorts of fabrics, there are those that you might think shouldn’t be seen. For example, a Heist lace bodysuit might be something you would wear for an intimate occasion, but not for daywear, right? Wrong! You can wear a lace bodysuit the same as you would an opaque style with long sleeves, the difference being the amount of skin being revealed within the outfit you are wearing. Some women even wear their lace bodysuits under those crop tops because they help to keep the tummy tucked in.

3. Style by Type

There are several different styles of bodysuits, and each can be worn to complement the look of the specific outer clothing. This would mean that a bodysuit with the legs cut as briefs might leave lines so they would be worn best with loose fitting jeans. Then again, high cut bodysuits give the legs the appearance of being longer.

4. The Lounge Look

If you are simply hanging out at home and just want something that is comfortable as well as stylish, they can be worn alone with a pair of slouch knee socks for effect. Typically, when being worn alone they are long sleeve bodysuits but since you are at home and defining your own look, you could go for a sleeveless lace bodysuit, an opaque bodysuit or even a style that is translucent.

Bodysuits are trending as if they had never ebbed back into the shadows. Perhaps their return to popularity is because of the way they can make a woman look and feel more like a woman. One thing literally any style of bodysuit can accomplish is that you will never need to worry about a tucked shirt riding out of your jeans or skirt. They will always stay in place.

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