4 Top Tools Of PDFBear That Will Help You With Your PDF Documents

You can find PDF files and documents anywhere right now, and that’s because PDF is easier to manage compared to your usual file formats. With that, here are PDFBear’s top tools and features that will help you deal with your PDF documents.

  • Unlock PDF

PDFBear’s PDF Unlock tool offers the easiest way to remove any password you added to your PDF. It’s much safer if you lock your PDF to protect your invaluable information. However, it can sometimes be a nuisance, especially if you want to open your file on the go. With PDFBear’s Unlock PDF tool, you can just easily remove your password.

To unlock or remove the password that you added to your PDF using PDFBear’s unlocking tool will only require you four steps that you have to follow. You can easily find PDFBear’s PDF Unlock page steps, which is very simple to understand. To make your job simpler, below are the instructions or steps to unlock your PDF using PDFBear.

These are the simple steps to remove or unlock your PDF using PDFBear’s online PDF Unlock tool. You click or select “Choose Files/ Select Files’ ‘, which you can find on PDFBear’s Unlock PDF page. PDFBear will provide you an option to enter your password or code to complete the process. Just click “Unlock PDF,” and PDFBear will decrypt your file.

  • Protect PDF

If you want extra security for your PDF document, then PDFBear’s Online Protect PDF tool is the best tool that you can use right now. The Protect PDF tool will allow you to encrypt or add your PDF with a secure code or password to keep your invaluable information confidential from anyone else. It’s also effortless and easy to navigate, which is perfect for beginners.

You can say that the Unlock PDF process of PDFBear is near the same as the Protect PDF. This means that to add a specific password to your PDF, you have to select your file first from your document files. PDFBear will then let you add your password or code manually to the system. After you sort out everything, you can now press “Encrypt PDF” to finish the process.

A remarkable feature that you will also get from using the Protect PDF of PDFBear is that all of your details or information is fully protected since PDFBear is encrypted with an SSL connection. This means that no one else from the internet will be able to hack or steal your details while you’re trying to add a code to your file.

  • Compress PDF

If you have some PDF files there that you need to compress, the Compress PDF of PDFBear will help you. It’s the most reliable and precise online PDF compression tool that you can ever find right now. It can shorten or reduce specific PDF documents with a size of up to 1GB and reduce or minimize it to 70% from its original size.

PDFBear also manages to adopt the cloud compression system, which means that when you’re using PDFBear’s Compress PDF tool, it won’t affect your computer’s storage during the process. Every single action or function will take place on the cloud system of PDFBear, which is also helpful, especially if you don’t have enough storage on your computer.

You can simply pick or select the particular PDF file or document from your computer storage and transfer or upload it to PDFBear. After that, PDFBear will allow you to choose specific options that you have to do for you to initiate the compression process. Once done, PDFBear will analyze your document or file to complete the whole process.

  • Repair PDF

Here’s a unique online PDF repair tool from PDFBear that you can use to fix some of the corrupted PDF documents that you have right now. PDFBear made an impressive breakthrough when they managed to create this one of a kind PDF repair tool. It doesn’t only fix your PDF, but it also preserves every detail you have, such as text fonts.

Suppose you are worried that this particular tool will not work correctly on your device. In that case, you should stop worrying any longer since this tool is optimized to operate in any type of operating systems, such as your usual Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS.

Furthermore, you can just quickly access or pull-up this online PDF repair tool using any web browser that you have right now. Examples of browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and more. You’ll never have any problems opening PDFBear’s Repair PDF tool any time you want.


Working hard is good, but working smart is better. This is why if you need something reliable and at the same time offers quality outputs, then PDFBear should be on your list. With PDFBear, you can repair any PDF documents that you have right now, and if you need to compress them, PDFBear also has that kind of feature or tool for you.


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