5 Basic Tips for Using The Hot Tub

The hot tub will be a lot of fun. But this is an expensive and large electrical appliance. How to choose and use it correctly so that bathing is safe and healthy? 

Decide In the Size: 

The ideal size is 260 x 90 cm. The spa tub should be comfortable, safe and not overpowering. It is ideal if its outer length is 2.6m, the inner one is 2.1-2.24 m, the width inside is 80-90cm, and the depth is 42-43cm. With such parameters, a person feels comfortable lying or reclining, not slides off, he does not have to look for a fulcrum. Hot tubs 180-220 cm long are significantly cheaper than those described, and for a small bathroom they are naturally a more suitable option. But the most compact are corner baths: due to “cutting corners”, their length is 150-160 cm without sacrificing functionality and comfort. The nozzles should not cause any inconvenience, and the jet coming from them should be at a distance of 5-15 cm from the body.

Weight Matters Too:

The floor could fall through! A massive hot tub can be so heavy that the hardwood floors in an old house might not hold up- let’s take that into account! If the overlap allows, put at least a 3 seater structure, or “drown” the bath in a specially built podium. 

We are looking for fulcrum! Steel frame, adjustable legs and other hot tub parts. In order for a bathtub to be stable and the sides not to bend, it is equipped with a special steel frame. A rectangular hot tub should have a minimum of six fulcrum points, and a corner one at least eight with hot tub test strips. The stability of the structure will be ensured by the height -adjustable legs- they will be especially useful for uneven floors. 

We Swim Safely: 

Headrest, footrest, handles  – all this will make the hydromassage comfortable and safe, ensure the correct body position and complete relaxation. Often, the hot tub comes with these hot tub spares (and a few others – lights, foot massager, side faucet, hot tub filters, etc.) right out of the box. If you have to buy them in addition, the purchase price may rise by 15-30%. Non-slip steps are not just a nice addition, but a necessity, since the Jacuzzi is deeper and wider than a regular bathtub. It should be easy, comfortable and absolutely safe for you and your loved ones to get into the font. Acrylic steps are considered the best option.  

Choosing A Remote Control: 

Quality is your safety! The whirlpool hot tub can be controlled by pneumatic buttons and handles, as well as by a remote control – electronic or touch. In some models, the remote control adjusts the ratio of water and air in the flow, programs the type, duration, intensity of hydromassage, sequence of procedures, etc. But a hot tub is still an electrical appliance. Of course, all bathroom control systems are reliably protected against water ingress. But still, it is better if the remote control has a function of automatic control of the water level and the prohibition of idle switching. With these options, your equipment will last longer. They are especially needed in homes with small children. 

  1. We Use Carefully:

We keep the system dry. To make the whirlpool tub serve for a long time, we drain the water correctly. Before completely freeing the hot tub from it, turn on the hydromassage system 2-3 times for 5 seconds. This will free the pump and hoses from moisture residues. 

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