5 Best EV Charging Suppliers in China

Looking to power up your electric vehicle in China? Finding reliable EV charging suppliers can be a daunting task. As the EV market rapidly expands, subpar charging infrastructure often leads to frustration. You need charging stations that are not only accessible but also offer efficient and fast charging. 

Enter the solution: the top 5 EV charging suppliers in China. These industry leaders have mastered providing seamless charging experiences, ensuring your EV is always ready to hit the road. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to hassle-free electric journeys with these trusted suppliers.

EV Charging Suppliers – Overview

EV charging suppliers are companies or organizations that provide electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and solutions. They play a crucial role in supporting the growth and adoption of electric vehicles by offering a network of charging stations and related services. 

These suppliers design, manufacture, install, and maintain charging equipment, such as charging stations, connectors, and software systems. They may cater to various types of charging, including fast charging, level 2 charging, and DC fast charging.EV charging suppliers aim to ensure EV owners have convenient, accessible, and reliable charging options to keep their vehicles powered and extend their driving range.

5 Best EV Charging Suppliers

The top EV charger companies in China for your reference are:


In 2004, the journey of TGOOD began as a fusion of minds from China and Germany, a collaborative force driving innovation in smart home solutions and electronic conveniences. However, the plot thickened as they embraced a new chapter – electric vehicle charging. TGOOD’s dominance has flowed through China’s electric vehicle charger market for nearly a decade, evolving them into a potent manufacturing force. 

Their electric vehicle chargers, born from profound research and creativity, are paragons of intuitive design. An adventurer in far-flung realms, TGOOD’s charging stations span the globe through subsidiaries in seven different regions, weaving their commitment to quality and accessible solutions into the fabric of their certified, long-lasting products. A titan of the industry, TGOOD reigns over half of China’s electric vehicle charging landscape, holding sway over a sprawling network that blankets 290 cities within a 2 km radius.


In China’s tapestry of electric vehicle charging, Electrly emerges as a notable thread, weaving chargers into homes and enterprises. This company’s canvas bears intricate designs, meticulously knitting together more than 30 products across nine series, adhering to international charging standards and diverse power needs. Electrly’s gallery boasts portable and wall-bound masterpieces for residences, stately wall boxes and pedestals gracing workplaces and hospitality domains, and brisk direct current (DC) creations for public stations and expedient stops. 

Accessories such as charging plugs, cables, station brackets, and replacement connectors lend depth to this collection. The charm of Electrly’s devices lies in their scalability, adapting seamlessly to various installations while the company’s bespoke services whisper tailored tales of manufacturing to suit individual dreams. Electrly’s reach extends to lands afar – the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Poland, Russia, India, and Australia become part of its canvas, each stroke a brush of innovation.

Star Charge

Under the alias of Star Charge, Wanbang Digital Energy graces the spotlight as a luminary in its realm. A journey of innovation and ingenuity mark their path as they craft charging solutions that dance effortlessly with the needs of electric vehicle owners. Charging isn’t just practical for them; it’s an art of efficiency, payments as seamless as silk, and rejuvenating batteries. 

Wanbang Digital Energy dons the mantle of a pioneer, beckoning electric vehicles into the spotlight as a compelling choice for modern mobility. Yet, their realm expands beyond China’s borders, stretching across Asia and more. Their ceaseless voyage in research and progress reshapes not only carbon footprints but also the very essence of urban electric vehicle efficiency. This tireless voyage sets Wanbang Digital Energy atop the electric vehicle charging hierarchy, an entity that guides the industry’s evolution.


Delta, a vanguard within China’s electric vehicle manufacturing dominion, rises with a banner of responsibility in hand – one that reads “Climate Change Crusader.” Dating back to 1971, this company embarked on a new narrative in 2011, one of electric vehicle craftsmanship. Delta isn’t just a name; it’s an artisanal forge of power generation systems and electric vehicle charging marvels. Their touch spans from individual owners to sprawling businesses, orchestrated with automation and technical brilliance that caters to diverse palettes. 

The saga of Delta unfolds in research and development epicenters scattered across China, Japan, Europe, and Thailand, where virtuosos in engineering and science breathe life into electric vehicle progress. A melody of consistent growth and commitment to quality emanates from Delta’s endeavors, epitomized by an 8% revenue offering to the altar of innovation. Nestled in Taiwan, the heart of Delta’s operations pulses with the rhythm of a better electric future.

Tesla Motors Inc.

Tesla, an illustrious electric vehicle virtuoso, has a story etched in the annals of innovation, a symphony of engineering crowned with patented electric vehicle charger gems. Emanating from 2003’s genesis as an electric vehicle maverick, Tesla spread its wings further in 2012 to embrace electric vehicle chargers, a testament to its versatility. A maestro in meeting diverse needs, 

Tesla’s chargers are renowned for their potency and velocity, emerging as apex predators in the charging savannah. A current of 480 VDC surges through their veins, capable of propelling an electric vehicle from empty to 80% full in a mere 40 minutes. The lore of Tesla’s proprietary Superchargers resonates globally, entwining over 30,000 units across 2,500 stations on this electrified voyage. Riding high on financial success, $53.8 billion in revenue and a $30.2 billion capital, Tesla’s Shanghai sanctuary stands colossal, spreading across 0.85 square kilometers in this realm.

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