5 Bucket List Ideas for Couples without Children

Since the 1999 movie of the same name, the idea of drafting a bucket list has gained in popularity. In the movie, Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman Jack Nicholson, two men raced to be the first to complete their bucket lists before their demise. Now it has become a commonplace practice for people of all ages to make a list of all the things they’d like to see and do before they die.

Most people wait until their middle years to start thinking of all the things they had meant to do in life but never did. However, more and more people are making their lists at much younger ages. It is common for parents to think about what they’d like to do for, or say to, their kids before they go, but what of those childless couples who never had any offspring? Here is some of what you might expect to find on their lists.

1. Start a Ready-Made Family

As odd as that may sound, a great many couples really did try to conceive but were never able to have children of their own. Many are in their middle years, too old now to conceive even if they could but young enough to have kids running about the house. While they are still yearning to have children, they can’t have their own so why not share that place in their heart with kids who need a home? They can become foster parents through a foster agency, whether long-term or temporary. This is something they’d always wanted to do and now they can finally have children, albeit only temporarily.

2. Go on a Cruise Around the World

While childless couples may not actually want to take a month-long cruise around the world, they will almost always want an extended holiday they never really had the time or resources to do before. It can be a costly month but at this point, there is no one to leave their assets to, so why not!

3. Be Daring for Once in Their Lives

You will often find that childless couples tend to want to get a little reckless in their mid to later years. Many will try skydiving whilst others will do a bit of ziplining. Both activities are a bit reckless, and it might take getting up a bit of courage, but there’s no one at home to call them out on how daft they’ve become so they give it a whirl.

4. Visit Third World or War-Torn Countries

This is something else many married couples never took the time or got up the courage to do. They’d always read about the poverty and dangers of life in those regions and had probably donated heavily over the years. Even so, they’d never built up the courage to actually see first-hand what many cultures are living through – or not as the case may be.

5. Do a Bit of Dirty Dancing

As laughable as it may sound, they weren’t looking to do any kind of exotic dancing but were actually inspired by Jennifer Grey and the late Patrick Swayze in the movie Dirty Dancing. Although they’d always wanted to do a bit of ballroom dancing, they’d never taken the time to learn. Now, even in their later years, they want to learn all the moves that cute couple did back in 1987, minus the lifts that is!

So, what does your bucket list look like? It would be interesting to hear just how many of these ideas would be on yours!

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