5 facts about the most famous motorcycle logos

If you are obsessed with motorcycles or just want to learn more interesting details about their design history, this article is for you – in it we share five facts behind the most famous motorcycle logos.

The truth about the BMW logo

One of the most famous luxury motorcycle logos, BMW is considered by many to be the propeller of an airplane. Well, it turns out this is a delusion! In fact, the blue and white logo is borrowed from the colors of the Bavarian flag.

While it is true that BMW started out with aircraft engines, after the First World War, the company was unable to continue its original path and went into the production of motorcycles.

History of Honda

The shiny, chrome-plated silver H in the Honda logo is already a classic. But a company logo for cars is different from a logo for a motorcycle. The main difference is the presence of an upward-facing wing on the motorcycle version.

Moreover, over the years (as well as during special occasions or limited editions), the wings have changed their color. The company is doing another rebranding, and is always highlighting a new color pattern for the motorcycle version. Such small differences, imperceptible at first glance, are very important for the brand – it underlines the elitism of the company.

Harley-Davidson Shield

The most recognizable of all American motorcycle logos. Virtually unchanged since 1909. But what does the shield depicted on it really mean? The logo should not contain details that are simply placed. On the best logos, every object makes sense. The shield on the Harley-Davidson logo is associated with a sense of strength, stability and authority – and the eagle indicates the connection between the motorcycle itself, American patriotism and freedom.

In addition, Harley-Davidson created a typeface specifically for the logo. It has proven to be so successful that it is now used on countless products and gives them a hard chrome look.

Yamaha’s musical past

You’ve seen the Yamaha logo countless times, but do you know what it actually depicts? Fork! This is because the founder of Yamaha was not originally in the motorcycle business, but was a well-known piano manufacturer.

The three tuning forks in the Yamaha logo represent the three pillars of their business – technology, sales and manufacturing.

Too fickle Ducati

The Ducati logo has changed surprisingly frequently over the years. Not so long ago, their motorcycles received a logo depicting a bird in flight. Several years pass – and the emblem already has the red and green colors of the Italian flag. A little more – and there is a red shield with a silver inscription on the logo. Who knows what will happen next! Founded in the 1920s, the logo featured the longest-lasting lightning bolt – maybe it’s worth going back to the time-honored classics? Consumers simply don’t have time to get used to the brand if changes happen too often.

What do all these logos have in common?

Each one has bold and dark colors. Brilliance, simplicity and strength are the most common and obvious features. The reason is that motorcycle manufacturers place a lot of emphasis on strength, perfection and simplicity – and naturally reflect this in design. Each of the moto logos has qualities that make it memorable and stand out from the competition. Designers of such well-known brands pay great attention to detail – this greatly emphasizes the quality of the product.

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