5 Fantastic Ways To Encourage Your Child To Play Outside This Summer

Some would argue that one of the supreme disadvantages of technology’s takeover of the modern world is that children across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and beyond’s favourite pastime is to shut themselves in their room with the curtains drawn and their eyes glued to their latest video game.

If you are someone who wants to reintroduce the excitement, adventure and both emotional and physical benefits of spending quality time outside, even if just in the back garden, to your child, then continue reading to learn of five fantastic ways to encourage your child to play outside this summer.

1. Buy Them A Skateboard

Although skateboarding has been popular since way back in the 1980s and even earlier, the world of skateboarding has significantly expanded in recent years.

With YouTube stars such as Tony Hawk and his peers leading the way, more and more children are becoming passionate about and dedicated to the pursuit of becoming an expert skateboarder. If you do decide to treat your child to a sturdy and safe skateboard, it is essential to also invest in a safety helmet, elbow pads and a pair of Triple 8 knee pads.

2. Have A Camping Weekend

If your child or children are of a younger age, then a brilliant way of getting them used to and excited by being in nature and becoming exposed to the outdoor elements is to plan an exciting camping adventure in your own back garden.

Invest in or borrow some proper camping equipment and cook their tea on a camping stove, before tucking them up in a sleeping bag and reading them a bedtime camp-fire story.

3. Invest In An Outdoor Trampoline

One sure-fire way to encourage your child to spend more and more time outside, especially during the spring and summer months, is to invest in a giant outdoor trampoline.

Not only will they have hours of fun bouncing around on their new trampoline, but when their friends come over to play, it will also provide them with a way of expending their energy together in a safe and fun environment.

Additionally, there is a myriad of fabulous benefits of trampolining for adults too, which include:

  • Improved coordination and balance skills
  • A greater bone density
  • Regulation of the body’s metabolic rate
  • Improved blood circulation
  • A much-improved core strength level
  • An increased level of cardiovascular fitness

4. Eat Meals Outside

With a promise of delicious food, especially if you own a barbecue grill, your children are far more likely to want to be outside.

Obviously, the UK is not overly renowned for its sunny and warm weather throughout the year, but on the dry and milder days, even eating outside for fifteen minutes will begin to alter and improve the association and connotations of being outside in your child’s mind.

5. Encourage Them To Start Gardening

Something that never fails to engage children of all ages is when they are shown something that they have never been shown before, so actively encouraging your child to start to plant and grow something, be those flowers or vegetables, is another fantastic way of making them see the beauty and adventure in nature.

There you have it: five ways to encourage your children to enjoy the outdoors.


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