5 Growth Tips to Help Your UK Business Thrive

Tips to Help Your UK Business Thrive

If you’ve launched your own business, you’ve taken a step that millions around the world don’t have the confidence or determination to do. Congratulations!

Now that you’ve started on your journey, you want to succeed and create a legacy for loved ones and others in the community. But how do you grow your business in 2021? Here are five top tips!

Use Social Media

Although this shouldn’t come as a surprise, consumers love social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok – you name it, people love it. Did you know that Facebook has 2.7 billion active monthly users? If you aren’t active on social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity. While users did originally use social media to keep up to date with friends and family, they now use platforms like Facebook for shopping and researching brands.

As a business, a social media presence is critical. According to one statistic from HubSpot, nine in ten Instagram users follow at least one business account. Social media is flexible because you can use it to:

  • Create paid ads
  • Engage with prospective customers (and answer their questions)
  • Generate ideas for content creation and product development
  • Gather opinions
  • Run competitions
  • Work with influencers

Outsource Wherever Possible

As a small business owner, you probably don’t like to delegate or outsource. Every year, thousands of small business owners struggle to get out of the small business mindset. They’re used to doing everything alone, from talking to customers to fulfilling orders. Letting go is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things that you’ll ever do.

Fortunately, you have many opportunities to outsource these days. While some businesses allow an AI tool to automatically optimise social media ad campaigns, others hire companies like the King Kong digital agency in the UK to perform the technical tasks. Ultimately, the idea is to outsource the technical, simple, and mundane tasks so that you have more time to focus on growing the business.

Resonate with the Audience

Though the pandemic was an atrocious event that has killed many around the world, it did something unique in that it brought people together. Rather than undoing this relationship, resonate with your audience and make them feel part of the community. Offer services that the people want, run promotions and get them involved as much as possible.

How do you resonate with the audience? First, you need to understand them. Research your customers and learn about their age, hobbies, interests, gender, location, and more. What are they passionate about? Perhaps you can run a fundraiser for a cause important to your audience. Rather than constantly taking, give something back to the people who help your business tick.

Listen and Adapt

Often, businesses create products that they think their audience will enjoy rather than products that they know they’ll enjoy. These days, social media has brought consumers closer to businesses than ever before. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask your consumers exactly what they want from your service. What do they seek from products/services in your niche? Rather than guessing, you have opportunities to ask them directly.

With one simple Facebook post or tweet, you get a free survey from customers. This helps to inform content creation and product development in the coming years.

Support the Sales Funnel

Finally, appeal to customers at different stages of the sales funnel. Not all customers online are ready to spend money, so create content that they need (this could be a buying guide, for example). One way to achieve all five of these tips in one is to work with a digital marketing agency. You’ll outsource to professionals with experience and expertise to help your UK business thrive!

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