5 important facts about walls with fireplace elements

Adding a feature wall to a room is a great way to update your home decor. Feature walls can be designed in many ways, whether it’s a bold or more subdued decorative statement that you want to make within a space by highlighting a particular wall. There is a wide range of feature wall ideas worth considering, including:

  • Present walls with paint
  • Present walls with wallpaper
  • Feature wall collage artwork or photos
  • Present walls with materials such as wood, stone, or tiles.
  • Walls with chimney

Walls with fireplace elements are a great way to not only update the look of a home but to add some practical utility to a room. They are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Here are five important facts about fireplace feature walls that show why they make sense for any home. You can get services from Chimney Repair Long Island.

5 important facts about walls with fireplace elements

1. Fireplace elements for Walls to create a home beautifully

A fireplace changes the appearance of any room. Along with the cozy warmth it provides, the look of the flames also adds an attractive aesthetic that enlivens a space.

Encompassing that chimney with a trendy element divider just upgrades its credits. Feature walls can elevate a boring room design by adding a different aesthetic to one part of the room. When done right, this design choice will not clash with your existing décor, it will complement and harmonize with it. Movable walls also a great choice for your home because that looks beautiful.

Walls with fireplace elements can also be more than the focal point of a room. In the hands of an expert designer, a fireplace wall can become a stunning home masterpiece.

But what if a room’s space limitations or your design tastes dictate a smaller approach to a feature wall? That’s certainly doable, as fireplace walls don’t necessarily have to be a bedroom masterpiece either. A corner of the room with a smaller electric fireplace placed inside a smaller wall still adds a stylish touch to any room.

2. Highly customizable Electric Fireplace walls

It is important to make sure that the fireplace wall matches your décor. Therefore, when deciding what type of material your feature wall will be designed with, a high level of customization should be a priority. Melamine boards offer incredible plan adaptability to assist you with accomplishing your ideal look. At Organized Interiors, our plan studio offers many melamine board styles, surfaces, and examples to browse.

You’ll also want a lot of options when it comes to choosing the type of wall mount linear electric fireplace that sits inside (or hangs) on the feature wall. The size should be just right and you want to be able to choose a model with all the convenient features of the best electric fireplace that suits your specific needs.

3. A fireplace wall can be added in multiple rooms

Most of the use would envision a feature wall as something more suitable for the living room or family room. But because fireplace feature walls can be designed in a wide variety of designs and sizes, they can be added to several different rooms. Chimney walls are ideal for a finished basement. They can dramatically improve the ambiance and appearance of a home space that is often dark and drab.

The supplemental heating provided by electric fireplaces also makes them suitable for cold basement areas, especially during winter. Your bedroom or home office are additional areas where walls with fireplace features can be added. Even the smallest walls incorporated into the design of these rooms can have a huge impact on your comfort level.

4. Electric fireplaces are convenient and virtually maintenance-free.

Unlike high maintenance wood-burning fireplaces, one of the biggest benefits of an electric wall fireplace is that it is virtually maintenance-free. Say goodbye to logging (or paying for firewood delivery) and cleaning up dirty ashes. The biggest maintenance you will face with an electric fireplace is simply cleaning the front glass from time to time or replacing one of the fireplace bulbs from time to time. The other notable convenience of electric fireplaces is that you can instantly start a fire with the push of a button. You can also control the heat output with the fireplace thermostat and even change the fireplace color theme to suit your mood.

5. Enjoy profitable supplementary heating

Chimney feature walls give you the ability to use cost-effective supplemental heating for your home. Depending on your temperature setting and your hydraulic rates, an electric fireplace costs approximately 14 to 18 cents an hour to operate when using the heater. Part of that cost-effectiveness extends to the fact that you can also lower your home thermostat and set the feature wall room to a comfortable temperature while spending time in it.

Electric chimneys can likewise be utilized during the hotter months of the year to furnish a lift to the climate with their genuine flares, however without the warming on. In this arrangement, it will just cost a couple of pennies an hour to work the electric chimney.

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