5 Mobile app to boost your productivity

All of us wish to achieve more in a limited time. Luckily, given the fact that the technology is today stapled right at our fingertips, using mobile apps to boost productivity has become considerably easier. However, before we get to that, what do you mean by productivity?

Here are a few pointers, which state what a productive app should do for you: 

  • A productive mobile application will help you save some time.
  • It will eliminate all the unnecessary steps that you may need to perform a similar task every day.
  • It will enable you to be on multiple platforms and simultaneously allow you to sync all the apps together.
  • It should make it easy for you to improve and manage your life in some way.

Here, we have come up with a list of five mobile applications that can help boost your productivity.


If you are a visual thinker or a personal artist, Inkflow is just the application for you. Gargi, who provides do my python homework services online, says that Inkflow is my favorite app as it lets me capture my ideas just like I would normally do it with a pen and paper, and also re-arrange them as per my preference, and finally add pictures so I can have an idea as a photo. The application is also an excellent way to help you doodle the ideas and get a great picture when the paper or the pen is not accessible. You can use the app to scratch pictures and ideas you like for when you write or paint. So, get set feeling like a little child doodling your way again. If reports are to be believed, doodling has a scientific benefit as it helps you focus better.


Evernote is indeed of the best productivity applications. For a lot of students, it is the number 1 go-to app for just about everything. You can use the app to write your ideas and format them with checklists and rich text. Hence, you can prepare quick reminders and to-do lists with Evernote, relating to the essential notes you may want to remember. You can drag the files or employ the in-built camera tool to scan the documents and keep a tab on the forms, tickets, receipts, and other things.

Furthermore, the Evernote Web Clipper also enables you to clip the articles, online references, and receipts to the notebooks. The app also helps in converting your paper notes to your digital notes. You can also use the app to tag the notes with the location. This can help you retrace the notes.


Highrise is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) mobile application that lets you manage your and your team’s objectives and tasks. With the app, you can integrate your calendar and all of your email IDs. It can also aid in tracking the proposals and leads. The app also offers an opportunity to extract many updates and information on any chosen device.

Another incredibly exciting feature of the Highrise application is that it lets you link the photos to their respective client profiles, alongside Twitter and LinkedIn. You can use Highrise to custom tag individuals and companies within the system to facilitate a more straightforward and quick way to get connected.


Speek is an excellent app for conference calls, and we use it all the time for our office calls, says Janet, who works with TFTH. In any business organization, con calls are inevitable. With the help of Speek, all you got to do is pick a personal link, which replaces the phone numbers or the traditional PIN. Following that, it sends the link to other callers when they intend to connect the call. So, all you have to do is click onto the link from smartphone, desktop, tablet, or iPad, and that is all. With Speek, dodgy lines, third parties, and the endless hold music are eliminated. Speek is indeed one necessary mobile app, which is perfect for all modern businesses. It is free to use.


How can we end this list of the best productivity apps without the inclusion of Dropbox? It is an excellent application that lets you share documents, files, pictures, and videos for free. You can try the paid version too, but in the free account, also you get a storage space of 2 GB, which is quite a lot. You can add all your team members and collaborate on the files with ease.

So, these are the top five best productivity apps that you can use to better your productivity everyday.

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