5 Natural Homemade Spa Treatments for Beautiful Skin

A hydrating oil massage for the body

To erase tension, soothe overwhelmed spirits or simply rehydrate thirsty skin, there’s nothing like a good massage in a spa… unless you do it at home! The oil massage relaxes, soothes, and comforts while nourishing the skin. The secret? We draw the curtains, we cut the phone, and unplug the doorbell, all that remains is to sit comfortably to massage each part of the body … unless you are being massaged by an interested spouse.

Recipe :

125 ml of sweet almond, jojoba or grapeseed oil

10 drops of lavender essential oil

10 drops of neroli essential oil

10 drops of rose essential oil

The user manual :

Pour all the ingredients into a flask, then shake well.

Massage the whole body, buy cheap generic xanax online  starting with the feet and working your way up towards the heart.

A purifying clay mask for the face

The famous green clay mask is one of the spa favorites. His extra thing? It sanitizes, purifies, and cleanses, in addition to being made in less than two minutes at home! It is reserved, on the other hand, for combination with oily skin, avoiding dry skin. Once the treatment is applied, opt for relaxing music and lie down, just to enjoy the spa effect until the last second.

Recipe :

1 tablespoon of powdered green clay

1 teaspoon of olive oil

Mineral water or aloe vera juice

The user manual :

In a small bowl, combine the clay and olive oil.

Add the liquid spoon by spoon, until you get a paste.

Spread all over the face, avoiding the eye area and working your way down to the neck.

Leave on for 20 minutes.

Rinse gently with lukewarm water, then dry without rubbing and apply a moisturizer.

A detoxifying homemade hammam for the turmeric clay mask face

To savor all the benefits of the spa-style hammam at home, there is no question of transforming the living room into a steam bath. A good bowl of boiling water is enough! Grandmother’s remedy, yes, but revisited with all the scents of the spa thanks to essential oils, the steam bath dilates the pores, eliminates toxins and boosts the effects of the following treatment. We enjoy it with our eyes closed, focusing on our feelings rather than on the baguette to buy.

Recipe :

5 drops of lavender essential oil for normal to dry skin, tea tree for acne, mint for oily skin or patchouli for dry skin

Hot water

The user manual :

Fill a large bowl or salad bowl with boiling water, then add the essential oils.

Place your face over the bowl and place a towel over your head, forming a sort of tent.

Let the steam act for 5 minutes, then dry very gently by patting.

Immediately apply a cream or treatment.

turmeric clay mask

Exfoliating salt treatment for the body

There is no question of spending a fortune on body scrub, exfoliating like at the spa is as simple as it is cheap. The method? Oil, salt, and circular movements, without rubbing too hard, insisting on rough areas. All in the shower with background music, or even after a good bath perfumed with essential oils!

Recipe :

3 tablespoons of olive oil

1 tablespoon of coarse sea salt

The user manual :

In a bowl, combine the salt and olive oil.

Apply in circular motions all over the body, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Hydrate immediately.

A repairing treatment with shea for the feet

At the spa, you don’t forget your feet, at home either. The extra thing? The feet are rubbed while the face mask is applied, after a good homemade hammam and before an oil massage.  The treatment repairs and regenerates the previously exfoliated skin, offering the same benefits to the hands that apply it… a complete treatment for soft and well-groomed skin, which smells like roses like after the spa!

Recipe :

3 drops of rose essential oil

1 tablespoon of shea butter

The user manual :

In a bowl, combine the essential oil and shea butter.

Apply on the feet, massaging well.

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