5 Questions You Must Ask a Construction Accident Lawyer

Meeting an accident at work must be your biggest nightmare. If you have suffered such an injury, you must hire Albany construction accident lawyers. Before hiring them, there are certain questions you should ask. This article highlights the top 5 questions to make the right choice. Here we go! 

Must ask from a construction accident lawyer

1. Total experience as a construction accident lawyer

During the initial consultation, it is an important question to ask. If you meet with a construction accident, choose the one with years of experience. Also, consider if the lawyer has handled similar cases before. If not, they are not an ideal match. 

2. Tell me something about your fee structure 

Attorneys charge for legal services in a variety of ways using varying fee systems. Attorneys for construction accidents frequently charge on a contingency basis. This implies that there will be no payment due if you lose the lawsuit. Additionally, your attorney will get a portion of your payment if you win.

You might choose one pricing structure over another depending on your financial circumstances. Decide on this upfront so that you can assess whether the service charge is acceptable to all parties.

3. Do you have experience in both in and out-of-court settlements and trials? 

If you retain legal counsel, they will assist you in any future court cases. In the event that your construction accident lawyer is unable to obtain the assistance and compensation to which you are legally entitled outside of the court system, they will have to file a lawsuit and provide an open defense. To make sure you are adequately represented, the lawyer can manage every part of this procedure.

4. Which mode of communication do you prefer? 

In such cases, communication is the key to success! You may not want to hire a lawyer who does not communicate about the case with you. Therefore, ask your lawyer’s preferred mode of communication in the first place. Also, ask them if they will be available at all times or not. Choose a lawyer who is only one phone call away from you. 

5. What steps should I take after the accident? 

Post the workplace accident, you should think about what you should do next. The accident lawyer will understand the case completely and guide you at every step. They will also provide adequate assistance about what to do next. 

Wrapping Up

If you feel the construction lawyer is giving a satisfactory answer, you must hire them. 

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