Present on the copywriting market since 2012, Magine Solutions has become a benchmark in the field. This site is thus the privileged link between the professional Web masters who order texts in order to promote their products or their brand and the highly qualified copywriters able to provide them with relevant quality content. 

Innovative among all, Magine Solutions first looked at the good methods to consider so that a site is correctly referenced in search engines. With practical experience in organizing conferences on these subjects, our Research & Development department has developed powerful SEO semantic analysis course, all of which make the essential platform for web copywriting. Hire a copywriter for better help in projects.

Becoming a web copywriter is an offer for those who wish to manage their time as they satisfy while following a profitable activity. But this is not necessarily easy: the basic requirement is a strong double appetite for reading as well as for writing. The first milestone for success in this sector is in fact to love to read enormously and intelligently, that is to say to be able, as you read, to instantly extract the quintessence from it. Subsequently, the written rendering must of course be devoid of any spelling or syntax errors, but it must also be a correct reflection of the reality of the facts without exaggeration, distortion or repetition. 

While loving reading and not being reluctant to spend a lot of time writing are natural to some, there are other qualities that contribute to success in the copywriting profession should be acquired by a proper web copywriter. To this end, taking copywriting course training is strongly recommended to acquire the little-known tricks of the trade. The reasons for doing so are many, but we will retain the five main ones:

1. Structure a writing to SEO standards

The Web is today the showcase par excellence: beyond the imperative need to appear there, it is necessary to BE there. This means that you have to stand out from the competition in order to get noticed by potential customers. Search engines, Google in the lead, are based on small details that are far from being, given the unfortunate consequences that their absence would cause. These details are a component of the structure of a text which allows a double reinforcement, that of SEO referencing and its semantics. According to the order of a copywriting intended for the Web, this one will not have the same form, otherwise it would not have the same impact. Define your standards, know them and recognize them are the first learning.

Knowing how to correctly format paragraphs, take into account space and display constraints, place and choose wording for titles and subheadings at different levels, use relevant keywords wisely, pay attention to the size of sentences and their style, prioritizing ideas and following certain other essential rules are all questions that would remain unanswered satisfactorily in the absence of training as a web copywriter.

2. Find the right semantics

The semantics of words is of highest importance, and so are keywords. The sentences used by a good web editor must be correct from this point of view, otherwise the entire text will be refused, regardless of the relevance of its subject. The course training will explain how to avoid this pitfall and where to collect the tools necessary for an excellent editorial rendering and it will provide the tools to know how to prioritize the content in order to maximize the perception, to also know how to divide them, to aggregate the content to create new formats easily.

3. Organize SEO and copywriting

Before delivery, a trained web editor will be able to scan his text to check its interest in terms of natural referencing. He will know how to identify the keywords to work on, how to check the writing of the content, how to proofread its rendering with a keen eye on SEO , how to optimize the internal and external double meshing , to finish on the best adapted formatting, to the publication media. As a introduction to writing for a Web master client, you must first write for search engines. Understanding this is essential.

4. Manage constraints

A good web copywriter must have the basics to know how to manage the constraints related to timing: when to start preparing your text, when to structure it, when to start writing … Bearing in mind the deadline set by the client.

Other technical constraints related to the management of hypertext, hypermedia and signage should be considered. As well as editorial constraints related to the organization and prioritization of the information that one wishes to transmit. Finally, the formal constraints of screen layout and typography are far from negligible.

5. Soak up the DNA of search engines

In order to integrate well into a mold, it is still necessary to know its foundations and how it works. This is what the training will allow the web writer to understand correctly. They will have the answers to the following essential questions: how does a search engine work, are they all configured the same way, how to decrypt a search results page, what content on a website can be indexed on this page, how to determine the relevance of a keyword according to the defined objectives, how to structure them and where to place them in a text, how to evaluate the power of the long tail…

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