5 Reasons to Live In Coliving Instead Of An Apartment With Roommates

It’s not easy to find a new roommate. In a typical lease, the housemates are responsible for filling rooms for rent with no assistance from the landlord. And if they can’t find a replacement, they’ll be on the hook for the bill. However, as rent rates continue to rise, many individuals will be unable to afford this reality.

While there are numerous resources available to assist people in finding new roommates, none of them can ensure that the person you choose will be a suitable match. Nobody wants to be stuck with a dreadful roommate who makes life difficult on a daily basis.

Coliving places, however, make the whole process considerably easier. You choose the space that best suits you, and the coliving network fills it with people who are compatible and like-minded.

We’ll examine five reasons why coliving is a preferable alternative to living in an apartment with roommates in this post by analyzing the typical technique of finding a roommate and how coliving’s concept handles this problematic situation.

But before going into that, we are aware that not many people know exactly how coliving works, so if you want to know what is co-living, read this article from SharedEasy.

Reasons To Consider Coliving Over An Apartment With Roommates

1.    It’s Difficult Finding Roommates

People used to advertise in the newspaper or find roommates through word of mouth before the Internet. The online world has made this process much easier today.

There are tons of roommate finders on the Internet, some of which are free and others which are paid. Facebook, Padmapper, craigslist dallas fort worth, Roomates.com, SpareRoom, Diggz, and Roomster are just a handful of the well-known sites.

Each site promises to offer the solution to finding the ideal roommate personality match. While these channels are beneficial, they still necessitate a significant amount of work and effort on your end.

In fact, finding a new roommate can take several months, especially if you’re the one who has a vacancy to fill.  You must register on the site, post an appealing ad, choose a reasonable rent price, shoot stunning and compelling photographs, and conduct interviews. That’s a significant amount of effort! Even so, there’s no assurance that you’ll end up with the perfect roommate.

2.    Privacy

In most coliving settings, there are two sorts of rooms: private and shared. You have the entire room to yourself in a private room. But you share a room with other people when you stay in a shared room.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Because you’re sharing your space with more people, shared spaces are usually less expensive. They also provide plenty of opportunities to get to know your roommate, as you’ll undoubtedly spend time talking in your room away from the rest of the group.

Private rooms are a little more expensive, but for many of the tenants, having a space to call your own is worthwhile. This is particularly the case for couples, since having a space to be alone together while remaining rooted in the society is a win-win situation.

Additionally, because you can divide the cost of a private room as a couple, you may end up spending less individually than you would for a shared room.

Apart from bedroom quarters, coliving residences offer a variety of communal spaces to unwind in. The rooms are meant to allow guests to socialize with the bunch whenever they choose, as well as relax away from them when they need some alone time.

3.    Flexibility

Coliving spaces and apartments appear to be very similar at first look. People in these situations share living quarters and supplies. And, in many cases, the roommates form pals.

But that’s where the parallels end. The length of stay is one of the most significant variations. Most standard leases require renters to sign a one-year lease, committing them to a pledge they may or may not want to make.

Residents can stay for as little as a week or as long as a year or more in coliving places, which provide flexible arrangements. They recognize that people’s lifestyles are more variable than an annual lease can accommodate, so they’ve designed spaces that encourage diversity rather than restriction. Trust us, there’s even more.

4.    Sense of Togetherness

Some coliving spaces are designed to bring like-minded people together for the sake of professional development. There are many types of coliving spaces to select from, including spaces for entrepreneurs, remote workers, startup founders, interns, creatives, digital nomads, and more.

Remote workers, for example, who prefer to work from home in a personal coworking space can join a place developed specifically for them. Alternatively, startup founders who want to benefit from career fairs with local investors can join a group that does so.

Coliving places, on the other hand, provide many more benefits than standard shared residences.

5.    Coliving Makes Everything Easier

The goal of coliving spaces is to make it easier to choose a place to stay and a community to love. They’ve completely flipped the script on what a roommate is supposed to be.

Many coliving spaces are designed for a specific group of people, such as artists or entrepreneurs, who have a shared interest or life experience. And, because the places are open to all kinds of colivers, they attract folks who share similar principles, regardless of lifestyle, cultural, or professional disparities.

Best of all, rather than forcing people to waste time looking for a good roommate on the internet, they screen applications themselves to ensure that the group harmonizes. Some spaces even screen members for compatibility before allowing them to pick roommate(s) from the vetted list. To get started, simply go online, pick your ideal space, and submit a request to rent a room.

Many coliving spaces make this procedure quite simple by categorizing and displaying certified listings from a variety of organizations with locations all over the world. These platforms make it simple to compare places, and some even provide criteria to help you locate the greatest fit for your needs.


The ease, comfort, and network coliving spaces bring makes it an easy choice when placed against regular apartments. They’re made to provide people with quick access to furnished rooms for rent, as well as fantastic housemates and a large community. Coliving spaces are a major step up from conventional apartments.

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