5 reasons to study in Auckland

Auckland is a popular study destination in the world.Why thousands of young people, and not so young, choose the largest city in New Zealand for a study season? Now, let’s discover 5 reasons for studying in Auckland.

Lead a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle

When studying abroad, many of us yearn to escape the problems of the big city, but without losing options for recreation and leisure. In Auckland you don’t have to choose between tranquility or fun since you can find everything.

Positioned in the top 5 of the best cities in the world to live in, Auckland shines for its well-kept streets, clean air and high sense of security. The friendliness of the Kiwis (that’s what New Zealanders are called among them) is also a pleasant surprise towards foreigners, which is rare in large cities.

On the other hand, you can achieve an incredible balance between school, work and fun. You will always find shops, restaurants, bars, parks, museums and all the services of a modern citynear you.

As if that were not enough, when you study in Auckland, you enjoy a very pleasant climate most of the year. You may have rainy weeks and hot days in the summer, and some cold in the winter.

Enjoy affordable mobility and services

Another quality we love in big cities is that mobility options abound. Auckland is leading the way in this regard. For starters, it offers you a network for cyclists and runners that spans more than 150 kilometers. Check out the maps and suggested routes.

If you need to take public transport within the city, to get out of it, your best option is to acquire the AT HOP CARD. It is a prepaid card with the best rates to take the bus, the metro or the ferry. And, to know the best way to get to your destination, you can use this Auckland trip planner.

You will also have a wide range of basic services available. There are libraries, bookstores, cafes, mobile phone plans and, of course, high speed internet connection. You have everything to dedicate yourself fully to studying in Auckland!

Do you need a WiFi connection? Hundreds of free options are available: the Tomizone hotspots, spread throughout the city, the airport, transport hubs, fast food restaurants, shopping malls and throughout Auckland’s network of 55 libraries .

Learn English by studying in Auckland

Because of its Anglo-Saxon heritage, New Zealand is among the best places to learn English in the world. In Auckland, you can find excellent language schools. In addition, the city gives you the possibility of a total linguistic immersion.

Just think that, both in class and outside of them, you live with native English speakers every day. So you put into practice everything you learn naturally and without creating situations in a way. In a few months you are already speaking fluently!

But Auckland is a cosmopolitan city that does not end with Anglo culture. In fact, she is the best representative of multiculturalism in New Zealand. Among its almost two million inhabitants, there are Chinese, Indians, Maori, English, Samoans, Europeans, Latinos and many other nationalities.

As you walk through the streets, the cultural diversity is evident in the great offer of restaurants with meals from all over Asia, Europe and America. And, at school, you surely meet classmates from at least two different continents.

Find festivals everywhere and beaches nearby

Of course, not everything can be classes and work. The body demands rest and fun! And by studying in Auckland, you are assured of a nearby beach or park to unwind after a strenuous day.

A 20-minute bike ride from the city center, Takapuna Beach awaits you. For a more private experience, beautiful Piha Beach, ideal for surfing its big waves, is 45 minutes away by car. And if you have the weekend to spare, escape to the paradisiacal beaches of the Bay of Plenty.

In addition to the nearby beaches, Auckland is known as a city of festivals, music and fun. Most take place in summer (December to March), which coincides with Christmas in the southern hemisphere. One of the biggest and most famous is Christmas in the Park (in December).

When you are living in the city, you cannot miss the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival (January), the colorful Auckland Pride (February) or the New Zealand International Film Festival (between July and August.

Have attractive options to study and work

And of course, in addition to the lifestyle, multiculturalism and first-rate services, Auckland stands out as a tourist destination for the quality of its schools. There are hundreds of options for each profile, from language courses to postgraduate degrees.

These institutions not only enjoy international prestige. The New Zealand government takes the quality of the services they offer to foreigners very seriously. For this reason, it evaluates and certifies educational programs.

In fact, one of the visa requirements for studying in Auckland is that you enroll in a government-accredited program.

It is worth mentioning that in this city there are also many part-time jobs for foreign students. And is that many of them opt for the ease of working and studying at the same time.

These are 5 main reasons to study in Auckland. If you want to get more news and tips about the study in Auckland or other regions in New Zealand, you can visit CatEight. The platform provides a great number of news and tips about study in New Zealand and other countries for people in need.

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