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5 SEO tricks that will improve your google ranking

Traffic, traffic, traffic – the goal of every website owner. But increasing traffic is not that easy and can be done in many different ways. One way to generate organic traffic is the Google ranking. While some dismiss it as superfluous and too time-consuming, others fight hard for the top rankings with all means of search engine optimization.

In the following article, you’ll learn why you should improve your website’s Google ranking, and we’ll tell you 5 tricks on how to improve it with SEO.

Why the Google ranking is so important

For example, if we enter “The best food in the world” into the Google search bar, we are provided with around 136,000,000 results in 0.83 seconds. So that we as users are not left helpless in front of a mass of articles and internet entries, Google supports us with a ranking. The articles that are at the top of this ranking correspond most to the approximately 200 ranking factors of the algorithm and therefore appear to us in first place.

As a user, it is obvious to always click on the first suggested articles. This is exactly why Google ranking is the primary resource for a website’s traffic. If you have already dealt with the improvement of your Google ranking, you have certainly come across search engine optimization (SEO). SEO refers to a wide variety of measures that take place at different levels of the website. All these measures are aimed at making the Google algorithm positive, but it is only satisfied with a page if it recognizes it as user-friendly. So, you improve the user-friendliness of your site at the same time.

You want to improve your Google ranking, but don’t know exactly how? Since SEO is not an easy task for newbies, we have compiled five short tips that you can use to improve your Google ranking.

Tip #1: Improve your loading time

You’re out and about in the city, looking for a new top. You would like to enter a store, but there is a long queue in front of it. Even if you wait in line, you’ll turn around after a few minutes and look for another store to go shopping. This is also the case for visitors of your website, if they have to wait too long for your page to load. But not only your visitors, but also the crawler of the algorithm notices the long waiting time and downgrades you in the ranking.

Google offers you the “PageSpeed Insights” tool, with which you can get to know the weaknesses of your website. The tool also gives you concrete and easy-to-implement tips for eliminating these weak points. This way you can avoid long loading times.

Tip #2: Improve the navigation of your website

Once on your website, the user and the crawler try to find their way around. Therefore, you should urgently keep an eye on the navigation of your website. Of great importance are internal links, which help the visitor to navigate from part to part of the website.

Links are clearly one of the most important ranking factors of the algorithm and should therefore not be neglected under any circumstances. Therefore, it is important that you repeatedly link internal detailed information, similar content or explanations on your website, because in this way you make it immensely easier for the visitor and the crawler to use your website. If the crawler finds its way around your site, it will give you a better ranking!

Tip #3: Content is the key

While the linking we just mentioned should also play a big role in your content, there are many other aspects that you should definitely incorporate to improve your ranking.

While you should obviously never duplicate content, the wording of your content is also of great importance. Matching the content of a text, you should always include relevant terms that fit the topic in your texts, so that the algorithm recognizes what the content is about. But be careful, even though keywords are incredibly important, you should never overdo it with them.

Even if experts argue about the right number of keywords, you should not include a word more than 5-6 times in a text. In addition, you should make sure that two articles on your site do not contain the same keywords and that you do not cover the same topic more than once. This won‘t go down too well with the web crawler.

Tip No. 4: External links

External links, so-called backlinks, are key to link building in SEO and are incredibly important for your site’s traffic. Backlinks are links on the websites and in the articles of others that point to your website. Although building such a system takes time and effort, it’s incredibly important to improve Google rankings.

As soon as the crawler recognizes that others also consider your content relevant, it will acknowledge this and factor it into your ranking. As always: What pleases the users, pleases the algorithm!

Tip #5: Mobile First!

You now know a few tricks with which you can improve your ranking. But you must not forget that there are always two versions of your website: The desktop and the mobile version. We are all glued to our mobile day and night, googling from everywhere. So, it’s a must to pay special attention to the mobile version and keep improving it.

It’s important not to neglect the mobile version as Google might detect a weakness of your website here and rank it lower.


SEO and improving your ranking is not an easy task. However, if you follow the above tips, your ranking will definitely improve, even if it takes some time and effort. If you want to save more time and focus on your main work, let the SEO professionals help and do all these things for you.


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