5 Simple Tips to Ensure Safe Parcel Delivery Receiving During Covid-19 Crisis

Safe parcel delivery is one of the biggest concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why many countries shut down trade with other countries in order to minimize chances of infection spreading. Even though things are moving in the right direction as if now, the threat isn’t over yet. With courier companies opening businesses up, it’s more important than ever to take precautionary measures.

Parcel delivery companies will not always be able to guarantee proper virus disinfecting for all packages. Customers and buyers must also ensure safety precautions from their own side to minimize spread of the virus. Safe parcel delivery receiving by buyers is of great importance until we get rid of the virus completely. Only the combined efforts from everyone can keep us safe.

Why Safe Parcel Delivery Receiving Is Important During Covid-19 Crisis?

Parcel delivery has been one of the biggest viruses spread contributors during the pandemic according to researchers. Parcels travel between places and people. Infected people can transmit the virus onto the parcel that can then be transmitted to healthy non-infected people.

International parcel shipping has been arguably spreading the virus without people knowing about it. This is why safe parcel delivery and also its receiving by buyers is important. Also, this is one of the biggest reasons why international flights got grounded during worst days of the pandemic.

Here are some easy tips for safe parcel delivery receiving that can help you stay safe:

1: Choose Less Busy and Safe Parcel Delivery Days

Avoiding the virus is all about avoiding contact with other people. Same applies to delivery guys. Less they come in contact with other people, lesser chances there will be for them to catch and transmit virus. Select less busy days for shipping your parcels.

Usually, selecting economy delivery is the best way to go. This leaves courier companies plenty of time to complete the job. Then, they can themselves choose a not so busy day for safe parcel delivery. This helps when you have no way to tell which days will be busy for them and which will not be so busy.

Weekends are usually pretty busy for couriers across the UK. Same day courier UK service will almost always be busier than economy delivery. If there is no urgency for the product, select economy delivery for it to be shipped on less busy day.

2: Use a Designated and Marked Safe Delivery Zone

Contactless delivery should be prioritized by recipients at all times. The best way to do this is to designate and mark a safe parcel delivery zone. Also, make sure to make this safe delivery zone obvious and easily accessible. Usually, the best place is by the front gate.

You can place a nice little table, stool or even a larger box. Mark it with safe delivery zone signs that are easy to read and grab the attention. Keep your distance from the nice delivery person and even communicate with him/her the reason you do this. Being nice to people should never be compromised.

The other benefit of this is that you don’t always have to be home to receive that parcel. Delivery people can leave it at your designated safe parcel delivery zone without you being there too. Some parcel delivery companies provide the option to convey this message when you book item for shipping.

3: Use Masks and Eye Protection If You Have to Physically Receive Deliveries

Not every time you will have products that can be delivered with contactless shipping method. Expensive products and some sensitive items will need signatures to sign off the delivery. When you do have to personally receive the delivery, make sure to follow all safety precautions.

Wear face masks and eye protective goggles to minimize chances of catching the virus. Make sure to not get too close to the delivery person to keep yourself and him/her safe. Use disposable gloves and throw them away before entering the house.

Do everything you can do to minimize chances of catching the virus. Contactless delivery should be an available option for safe parcel delivery. If not, be sure to use your own pen for signing when needed. Sanitize your hands immediately after touch their signature equipment.

4: Sanitize Every Parcel and Its Ingredients Before Using

Next thing to do is to sanitize the parcel that you get. Every parcel collection and delivery UK service should also educate people to sanitize their parcels and products. Any infected surface or person handling the package can transmit the virus onto the parcel or its ingredients.

Make sure to sanitize the parcel whilst you are outside the house. Do this before entering the door. Best way to do it is to place the parcel on the ground and sanitize it. Then, open the parcel up to sanitize the product where possible.

Some products will not be sanitize-able. The other great tip for such products is to leave them outside for a significant amount of time. If you don’t need them urgently, its best to leave boxes outside in the lawn or shed for a couple of days. This would kill the virus before it gets to you.

5: Wash Hands After Disinfecting the Parcel

Lastly, you’d want to wash your hands after having disinfected the parcel and its ingredients. You never know any kind of virus can get transferred over to your hands. Wash your hands for more than 20 seconds across all sides to kill any transmitted viruses.

Any soap is good enough to kill the virus. Use virus and bacteria specialized soap if you want full guaranteed protection. Wash hands before touching any family members, pets or objects inside the house. Satisfy yourself that all virus has been eliminated before you touch anything.

All these tips will help you with safe parcel delivery receiving. Be sure to do whatever you need in order to limit virus transmission risks. It is not long before everyone gets vaccinated and we say goodbye to this never wanted pandemic. Stay safe.

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