5 Strategies that can help Men with Mental Health

The statistics of men who suffer from depression are alarming. According to professionals, depression has become a silent epidemic among men. This is one reason why men need to take extra steps to safeguard their mental health and wellness.

Movement 101

Movement 101 notes that mental health issues among men are often brushed off. The problem may go unnoticed for the longest possible time. Mental health issues among men are further worsened by their less likelihood to seek help when experiencing declining mental health. Even men that have been clinically diagnosed may likely not seek help in time.

The step towards seeking help can be daunting for a lot of people. Usually, to many people, it means admitting their weakness. However, this isn’t necessarily a weakness as much as it is a challenge. The requirement to be open and vulnerable may also be another reason why most men do not seek mental health treatment. Many men feel seeking help, being open and vulnerable challenges their masculinity. This myth and seeming societal standards contribute to the increasing rate of mental health issues among men.

While society is important, personal health and wellness come first. The construct of gender, authority, and gender roles should take a step back in the face of mental health treatments. A recent study reveals that the role of men as providers may also harm their chances of seeking help. There are several other reasons why men may choose not to acknowledge their declining mental health or seek treatment.

The health inequalities created by social and political environments do not help either. These factors, combined with upbringing, personal experience and circumstances, generational factors, and others, can also impede the chances of seeking treatment. As mental health issues continue to ravage the male population and societal responsibilities begin to climb, men must sit back and reflect.

While reflecting, important questions must be asked to ensure that they can overcome the barrier between them and mental health treatment. Some of these important questions include;

  • What sort of conversations were had surrounding mental health while growing up? What were the perspectives of family, friends, and important people in your life?
  • What is your likely response if a friend, family, or loved one discloses their battle with mental health issues?
  • What are the biggest barriers to getting mental health treatment? What are the circumstances that are causing a decline in your mental health?

Discovering your struggles with mental health and admitting them can be a tough process. However, below are some strategies that can help to address the issue.

Seek Support

When dealing with mental health issues, having the right support as you go through your low points in life can help. Knowing that you have a support system that cares about you and your wellness will ultimately boost your chances of recovery. Please note that support does not only have to be from a therapist or any professional. Support can also be in the form of family and friends who understand the struggles of mental health issues. Having trusted people that offer inspiration and strength can help to pull through and overcome mental health problems.

Do what you Enjoy

A lot of men have had to sacrifice their passion to provide for their families and loved ones. Many men note that they do not engage in activities that they love for the fear of being unable to meet financial demands and obligations. It is best, however, to create time to engage in what you love. If you are a lover of physical sports, now is the time to get back on track – gradually. Sacrificing one too many activities that you love can create a space within thus leading to mental health problems.

Take Care of Your Body

While you are working on your mind and getting healed, pay attention to your body. You can begin by exercising, losing weight, and getting in shape. Getting the body of your dreams will boost your confidence. Exercising will also improve the release of healthy hormones. Also, pay attention to what you eat.

Become Aware of Your Thought Patterns

Negative thoughts are often one of the biggest contributors to mental health issues. A good way to address this is to become more aware of what you think about. By inspiring yourself to think more positively, you increase the chances of positive hormones and reduce stress hormones in your body. This can help you to improve your mental health and wellness.

Raise Awareness

While struggling with and overcoming mental health issues as a man is commendable, you can also help others get to the other side by raising awareness on the topic. The more men are aware of mental health issues and how it negatively affects them and their loved ones, the more men will seek treatment.

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