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5 Successful Live Streaming Apps in 2021

The internet, social media to be more specific, has made a lot of people popular in the community. Some of them have been fortunate enough to take their fame across the globe. Live streaming apps are the talk of the town. Every famous influencer has tried their hands in exploring the area of streaming their content live to the audience.

The feeling of delivering the raw and direct-connect content is phenomenal. It does not require a creator to edit the video. Anyone with a good internet connection and the latest device can get onboard and present their content in a way it’s done on reality television.

It has its downfalls too like exposure to age-inappropriate content and excessive cyberbullying through offensive comments.

In this article, we will focus on the positive sides and check out five successful live-streaming apps that followed steps to develop live streaming apps and crafted a brand. Check those out!


Every creator seeks to monetize their virtual art. Earning bread and butter, after all, from one’s passion is the ultimate goal.

StreamNow lets the creators earn money from their streams. By running on the subscription-based model, it enables the creators to charge a certain amount of fees from their audience. The fee may be paid monthly or yearly. A member of the audience may also opt to pay for a particular session. The creator is at his or her liberty to choose the subscription model.

The users, or followers, can create their accounts by securely logging in with their social media credentials. The aim is to ensure that the data and account are safe on the platform.

StreamNow is supported on Android and iOS. A creator is required to purchase the membership. The two categories of membership are Deluxe and Premium costing around $499 and $999 respectively.

Broadcast Me

Broadcast Me is widely popular for running smoothly during live streaming sessions. The lags are a rare occurrence. It runs on Real-Time Messaging Protocol Publishing, also known as RTMP. This connects the streaming service from the server to a flash player. RTMP is the key element that is responsible for the smooth functioning of the live streaming app.

A creator with low technical know-how may have a hard time at first as the platform requires a bit of awareness related to the video and audio features. The platform states two major requirements in this regard. One requires the video to be streamed with H.264 video codec and the other requires the audio to be played with AAC audio codec.

The app runs on both the major mobile operating systems – Android and iOS – for absolutely free. However, one requires to pay an upfront fee of $5.99 to access the feature of unlimited streaming. The fee grants the creator access for a lifetime.


A live streaming platform is as popular as it gets the attention of the audience. The concept was challenged by Alively, now known as PopLive, during the launch and it seems that everything worked in the favor of the platform.

PopLive caters to the creators who wish to broadcast the content to a limited number of audience members. It has been widely accepted by the corporate world and educational institutes. There is no direct competition with other online meeting apps but it can be accessed as an alternative.

The data that is run on the app is later saved on the cloud server at the original quality. The feature that attracts a large number of users is that the platform can be synced with the contact list. Every time a broadcast event is conducted, it would remain accessible by people who don’t have the app on their device. The user would only be required to send a message to his or her contacts and they would be able to view it without downloading the app.


With Facebook as one of its major targets, Streamago looks to provide the live streaming service to the creators who intend to broadcast it on their Facebook page. A creator, however, may also publicly broadcast the content live.

It takes engagement to another level. A creator is allowed to send a gift to one of the commentators virtually. All they have to do is use the real money and select a lucky participant. The virtual gift would then be awarded to the participant. The quality of the broadcast can be adjusted. A creator gets three options to choose from. He or she may broadcast the content in high, medium, or low quality. The recommended setting is to broadcast at the medium range but it can be customized depending on the internet speed of the creator.

The participant gets to explore more live content once the current content has ended. The exploration is based on the topic that is trending and the topic that is related to the current content, said John O. from twiftnews.

Instagram Live Stories

The list would have been incomplete without mentioning the giant platform. The feature was launched in 2016 to let the creators engage with their followers in a better manner. It lets a follower like, comment, and share the content with others.

Once the creator goes live, a notification is sent to his or her followers, who can then access the app and view the live broadcast. If a follower is logged into his or her account already, then they would be able to see a live tag along with the status update of the creator.

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