5 tips on how to naturally delay menopause

Did you know that certain food groups, combined with a lifestyle, can naturally help to delay or approach menopause?

Why is the onset of menopause too undesirable?

The onset of the period generally brings with it many changes. However, if it comes too early (before reaching the age of 40 to the age of 45), we speak of premature menopause. This can bring with it a number of different health complications. Hormone fluctuations cause frequent mood swings, loss of love desire and libido, but also a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Scientists have found that

A study by British researchers at the University of Leeds examined the relationship between diet and the onset of menopause. It has been found that certain food groups can affect the age at which menopause begins. By adjusting the diet, it is therefore possible to achieve its delay.

This can be done against the premature onset of menopause

Lighten your diet – it can speed up and delay menopause

The study showed that high intakes of healthy foods such as fish and fresh legumes (peas, green beans) were associated with the later onset of menopause, while high consumption of white pasta and rice was associated with an earlier onset.

Don’t forget vitamins and minerals to support the immune system

The need to supplement important vitamins and minerals is essential to support immunity, prevention of viral and bacterial diseases, but also to the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

This natural nutritional supplement combines highly effective ingredients – vitamin C, betaglucan, Echinacea, ginger, zinc, which are involved in activating the immune system. In addition to the prevention of viral and bacterial diseases, the ingredients have a positive effect on stress resistance, heart and blood vessel activity. A well-functioning immune system also plays an important role in reducing the risk of cancer.

Do not delay the exercise unnecessarily

Have you noticed that as you get older, it’s getting harder to lose extra pounds? Physical activity during adulthood is associated with later menopause and longer reproductive ability. However, beware of sudden and rapid weight loss. In addition to weight loss, it could also reduce estrogen levels, which could speed up menopause.

Smoking. A bad habit that accelerates menopause

Indian researchers through a study Lifestyle and Nutrition Factors Determining Age at Natural Menopause have pointed to an interesting fact. Smoking accelerates menopause by 1.5 to 2 years. The aromatic hydrocarbons present in cigarette smoke are toxic to ovarian follicles, which lead to reduced estrogen levels and thus to menopause. So maybe it’s finally time to get rid of the bad habit permanently.

Tea against menopause

Due to the content of antioxidants and flavonoids contained in tea, regular consumption of tea can delay the onset of menopause. They work against degenerative processes in the body. Antioxidants also help to slow down aging, which is especially appreciated by our skin, and also have a positive effect on the quality of hair and nails.

The supplement can also help you with beautiful skin, healthy hair and firm nails. It contains highly concentrated natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the quality of hair, nails and skin. Its original recipe combines traditional herbs, vitamins and several other active ingredients that support the growth and shine of hair and improve its elasticity, have a revitalizing effect on the skin and strengthen nails.

When the coming menopause lets you know about yourself

It definitely does not come at peak times and we can feel the effect of fluctuating estrogen levels perhaps in every part of the day or during any activity. The manifestations are as follows:

Vaginal dryness

During our reproductive years, the amount of circulating estrogen increases and decreases in a relatively predictable manner during the menstrual cycle. However, its sharp decline in the pre-menopausal period causes the tissues to become drier. Love during this period can therefore be more painful, which negatively affects a woman’s physical activity and libido.

How do you help with dryness? Continued intimated activity helps maintain a moist and acidic environment that protects him from infections. Therefore, you should not avoid love. If there are barriers in the form of lack of appetite for love, natural aphrodisiacs will help.

Night waking up, sweating and hot flashes

Almost half of women suffer from this problem. Hot flashes accompanied by sweating that come at unpredictable times, often inappropriate – during sleep. A few minutes lasting feeling that your scalp, face, later décolleté or whole body is burning. This discomfort can accompany women even after menopause.

However, there are no clear studies that show that hormones are behind the night wake or insomnia. Sleep cycles change with age, and insomnia is a common age-related complaint in both gender for man use Fildena 100 and Fildena 150 they give you best result in your love life.

With a good night’s sleep, tea can help soothe, which will help keep the psyche calm and help to relax. The content of traditional herbs keeps the mind calm and stimulates peaceful sleep.

Sudden mood swings and difficulty concentrating

The unpredictability of menopause can be stressful and cause irritation and anxiety. In addition, life stress, general health and the fact that depression occurred in a woman’s life before menopause can also contribute to this. Many women complain of short-term memory problems and difficulty concentrating during menopause.

The ground anchor is one of the traditional herbs that can help during menopause. Anchoring is used by women to suppress insomnia and tension, depression, hot flashes, moodiness and irritability. In addition, it is a natural aphrodisiac that can help with the desire for love during this period.

Scientific view

A more detailed examination of the menopausal period was studied by physicians in India in the Study of Menopausal Symptoms. The mean age of menopause was 48.26 years. The prevalence of symptoms in women was:

  • Emotional (90.7%),
  • Headache (72.9%),
  • Lethargy (65.4%),
  • Dysuria (58.9%),
  • Forgetfulness (57%),
  • Joint pain, muscle pain (53.3%),
  • Physical problems, decreased libido (31.8%),
  • Genital problems (itching, dry woman organ) (9.3%),
  • Voice changes (8.4%).
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