5 Tips to Apply Car Stickers

Many carwash companies sell novelty items that are loved by many people. However, they should also sell car stickers along with other merchandise to make their customers happy.

When you apply car stickers to your customer’s vehicle, the appearance of the vehicle will be changed completely. Many people choose car stickers to promote their business, support their sports team or prove their interest in any specific field. Car stickers are the greatest way to include a personal touch on the vehicle of your customer.

Though the installation process of car stickers is complicated, it’s easy to apply them when you follow some steps. In this article, we will discuss 5 steps to apply stickers to your vehicle. Let’s start.

Clean the Surface of the Car before Applying Car Stickers

Before applying car stickers, it’s your responsibility to thoroughly clean the surface. If you install car stickers without cleaning the surface of your car, it will pick up the dust. The dust particles make the sticker installing process much harder.

As per Wikihow, if you’re thinking about how to clean the surface, just use rubbing alcohol or soap and water. They can wash away all the dust particles from the surface. However, don’t use glass cleaning products or tools as they might leave a residue that will obstruct the stickers from adhering.

Determine the Location

You should be certain about the location of your car stickers. You can give your car a stunning look by installing stickers on windows, bumper, exterior as well as interior. You can make the tired attractive by applying stickers on them. To get a modern look, you can install new tires with personalized car stickers.

When you’re done determining the location, stick an electrical tape on the position to see how the sticker will look. If you’re not satisfied with the position, change it. Once you’re confident about the location, you can install the stickers.

Gently Peel Away the Backing Film

Every sticker has paper on its back. While peeling off the paper backing, you should be careful. Otherwise, you might end up tearing the paper backing. During the whole process, resist touching the back of the sticker as it might leave some dirt. This will affect the glue of your stickers.

Position the Stickers

When installing, place either side of the sticker first and then roll it down and smoothen to the other side. Make sure there are no bubbles when installing the stickers. Additionally, you should not peel away the backing paper completely. Remove one-third of the backing paper and apply one-third of the sticker to the specific area. Then continue pulling the backing paper until the sticker is completely installed.

Remove Bubbles and Trim the Corners

Every car stickers have some unnecessary part around the corners. After you’re done applying the sticker, you can trim the inappropriate parts with a razor blade. This step requires patience as your sticker will be damaged if you trim away the body parts. If you see any bubbles, puncture them and squeeze the air through the hole.


These are the 5 tips to install stickers on your car. Remember that installing a car sticker is a complex as well as time-consuming process. But, you should not hurry as one single mistake can damage the surface or appearance of your car. Keep patience and follow the above-mentioned steps so that your car can look amazing after you successfully install an attractive car sticker.

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