5 Tips to Choose Best Eyelash Extensions in 2021

Makeup is an art and every artist is aware that every little detail matters in a masterpiece. Whether it is the shade of your foundation or concealer or the thickness of your eyeliner, each aspect is important and affects your entire look. If you are choosing to go with eyelash extensions, there are certain things you should keep in mind. First of all, eyelash extensions are different and should not be confused with artificial lashes.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

In contrast to the false eyelashes you put on your eyelids yourself for a day or a few hours, eyelash extensions are chosen because they are a comparatively long-term solution to falsies. Eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes by a professional lash artist or lash stylist. These false lashes are applied individually or in clusters depending on the look you are going for. Eyelash extensions are all about customisation which is why you need to know to choose the best option for yourself.

From the colour of the eyelash extensions to the look you are going for, several factors dictate the kind of eyelash extensions that would suit you best. Before going ahead and booking an appointment for an eyelash extension, you should pause and consider which material and type would be the best fit for you. Following are some tips that would help you in choosing the best eyelash extensions:

1. Consider your Eye Shape and Size

Your eye shape determines how your entire look would change once you get an eyelash extension. While almond eyes allow for a lot of flexibility, monolids work best with volume and multiple layers. If you have round eyes, play to your advantage and pick curly extensions so that the natural shape of your eye is enhanced. If you have an upturned eye shape, go for cat eyes. Cat eyes are thicker on the outer edges which suit your eye shape well.

Much like upturned eyes, downturned eyes would benefit from thicker lashes at the edges. Opt for a winged eyelash extension. For hooded eyes, pick long lashes so that your eyes look bigger, especially at the center of the lash line. Long lashes would also go well with deep-set eyes and draw attention to them. For protruding eyes, on the other hand, choose feathery lashes and opt for curls for a balanced look.

2. Go for the Right Colour

You wouldn’t have considered getting anything but black eyelash extensions but there is a range of options you can choose from. You can go for a coloured set to add a dramatic flair to your look. If you would like to switch things up a little, you can go for a little mix of colours, much like the highlights in your hair. If you’d just like to stick to the natural look, you will never go wrong with black.

3. Choose the Right Length

An extension of the first point, the length of your eyelash extensions largely depends on your eye shape. However, you can choose to experiment if you feel like longer length will work for you. The typical length of eyelashes salons keep with them ranges from 9mm to 15mm. It falls on you to decide if you want a mix of shorter and longer lashes for a natural look or you want them all long for a dramatic effect.

Choose the Right Length

4. Longevity

A lot depends on the type of service you are getting from your lash artist and the kind of care the eyelash extensions get after you are done with the procedure. You should also look up customer reviews of salons you are considering for the treatment. And don’t forget to research if the price you are paying for eyelash extensions matches the longevity of the lashes. Get advice from your lash artist, look up ways to take care of your natural and false lashes.

5. Choose the Material Wisely

An important aspect of choosing the right eyelash extensions is choosing the right material. While choosing what kind of false lashes you want, you not only need to consider if it looks good but also if they will sit well with your skin. The lash material comes from two sources: animals and man-made. While the former can raise ethical concerns or have a negative reaction to sensitive skin, man-made options are cheaper and have a more prominent curl to them than animal fur.

Animal Fur

These include lashes made from mink, sable, and fox fur. While mink lashes are widely chosen for their natural appeal, sable and fox fur are also viable choices even though not as popular. Mink mimics the texture and feel of lashes gives a fine and feathery feel. Sable is finer than mink and more light. Fox fur is reddish and is often dyed black before application. It is not naturally curly and would demand upkeep.

If you think that the ethical concerns are great or if you have an allergy to animal fur, you can opt for various man-made options.


Every eyelash extension supplier has a variety of man-made eyelashes available. These include faux-Mink and faux-Fox eyelashes. If you have qualms about animal cruelty, you can choose these faux options. These are preferred also because these eyelash extensions are considerably cheaper than their authentic counterparts. These extensions mimic the light and feathery feel of real mink or fox fur and feel much like your real lashes. Silk lashes are also an option but due to them being heavier than faux-Mink, they are better suited for special occasions.

Synthetic Lashes

These lashes are another option you can go for even though the effect synthetic lashes give is highly artificial. From an unnatural sheen to an accentuated curl, synthetic lashes are comparatively heavier than animal fur or man-made lashes.


Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent commitment that needs to be taken seriously. Whether you are going for a natural look or a dramatic one, you would need to customise just how you want the false lashes to sit on your natural ones. Your choice of eyelash extensions depends on your eye shape, the colour you pick for them along with the length you go for. If you acquaint yourself with the material in which false lashes are available and how to take care of them, you can make an educated choice about the kind of eyelash extensions you should go with.

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