5 Ways Men Can Improve Their Body Image

According to the Mental Health Foundation, millions of men across the UK experience body image issues. Three in ten adult males over 18 have reportedly suffered anxiety about their appearance.

If you are one of the many men struggling with low confidence, it might help to know you’re not alone. Also, you’ll be pleased to learn there are steps you can take to rebuild your self-esteem and feel happier with your appearance. Continue reading to learn about the five ways men can improve their body image.

  • Deactivate Social Media

Social media is playing a huge role in people’s spiralling self-esteem. Many men may find it hard to live up to the unrealistic body types promoted on the likes of Instagram and Facebook. As a result, they might compare their shape and appearance to celebrities, influencers, and models online. If social media impacts your confidence, you must deactivate the platforms to restore your self-esteem.

  • Focus on Daily Grooming

If you’re unhappy with your appearance and want to overhaul your image, you must set more time aside for grooming. London Grooming Company cannot only help you create the perfect hairstyle and beard, but you can treat yourself to many quality grooming products online to transform your hair, skin, and beard. For example, you could deep clean your pores with a charcoal face mask, shape and style your hair with ease using pomade, or nourish your beard using a hydrating oil. A little daily self-care will make you feel like a brand-new man.

  • Work on Your Posture

Your posture will determine people’s opinions of you while impacting your self-perception. If you’re struggling with low confidence, boost your self-esteem by sitting or standing up straight throughout the day. It’s a small adjustment that will make a big difference, as it will set off a chain reaction of neurochemicals that will inform the brain that you’re good enough at an activity. When your self-esteem takes a tumble, sit or stand tall with your shoulders back to feel more confident and assertive. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.

  • Eat Well

Even if you’re happy with your current weight, your diet can affect your mood. Many studies have found the foods a person eats can impact their emotions. For example, whole, fresh foods can promote positive feelings.

If you’re guilty of skipping meals or snacking on sugary or salty snacks, it’s time to swap the items for healthier products. You’ll feel healthier, happier, and fitter, which will transform your self-confidence and outlook on life.

  • Eliminate Flaws

Everyone has perceived flaws that affect their self-confidence. If they are taking over your mood and image, it might be time to make a change. For example, if you feel self-conscious over your discoloured or crooked teeth, book an appointment with a dentist to discuss the various cosmetic procedures available, such as teeth whitening, veneers, or dental implants. Saying goodbye to a flaw once and for all could help you live your life to the full.

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