5 ways to entertain yourself when you feel lonely

Sometimes loneliness can creep up on you, even when you are in a crowd. It can be being physically alone or mentally distant from other people. A lot of single people feel lonely because they don’t have anyone to share life with. Loneliness can give rise to depressive thoughts and boredom. So here are a few things you can do to entertain yourself.


Volunteering is such a great way to spend time and also help someone or something that could be in need. One can be a volunteer to help out, donate their time if they don’t have a bucket load of money. Giving your time is the most precious thing you can give and if it helps some cause, then why not. Giving back is one of the best things to do when you feel lonely. Helping others can reduce feelings of isolation. Meals on wheels or Big Brother/Sister organizations help people in need and you can volunteer to be a part of those. Teach underprivileged kids, help make meals, clean up a local playground or organize activities for a shelter. Whatever, you are interested in – it could be for humans, animals or the environment, you can do a lot by investing your time.

Move around

Move around when you feel lonely and this could mean a lot of things. Go running, riding or take part in any physical activity that you like. It is often said that athletes and sportspersons are at a lesser chance of being depressed or sad – often results from being alone. Sign up for a spin or yoga class so you get exercise as well as a social setting to interact.You can also go on a vacation or just go hiking in the wild. Camp outside and walk during the day – nature and fresh air are the best to help you feel good. A good vacation to an exotic destination can also be a good option. Make new friends, stay in hostels to interact more and have fun at the same time.

Home entertainment and pampering

Watch a movie or funny shows at home and relax with your favorite beverage. You don’t have to watch a movie with anyone, as long asyou are immersed in a good story that grips you. A good movie engages you and you don’t have negative thoughts. Read a good book or hear a good story through podcasts. Other ways of entertaining yourself include playing games or using innovative devices such as sex dolls. Pamper yourself with a good spa day or simply soak in a bath full of your favorite bubbles at home. Get a massage too if that is something that will help you relax.

Get social or show up

Going to social gatherings is an excellent way of entertaining yourself. You could go to parties with friends and families or go to events organized so that strangers can meet and come together. Examples are painting classes where you can bring your own beverage and chill with others who share similar interests. Every city has tons of meetups that cater to interest, jobs or hobbies. All who join these meetups are interested in what is being offered plus are looking at socializing. There may be times when you are invited to something but don’t want to go. At such times simply show up – don’t think about what you will do, just start by attending.


Creating something can lead to a lot of mental satisfaction. Creation doesn’t always mean producing work that can be sold or auctioned. You can create in various ways. Cook up a meal that you love or plant flowers or fruits in your garden. Even if you don’t have a garden try pots and planters. Paint or embark on a DIY project, whatever you love.

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