5 Ways To Help Teens Improve Their Sleep Quality

  1. Say Goodbye To Tech In The Bedroom

Most parents have cited in a recent study that their teens had poorer quality sleep when exposed to technology in their bedrooms. Logging online to check social media or to stream videos can have negative consequences on their sleep quality. Removing any tech devices and electronics from the bedroom is the best way to deal with this problem as it will prevent teens from disrupting their circadian rhythm.

  1. Keep Temptation Out

For teens, their smartphone is probably their biggest temptation. It’s best to avoid charging them in a teen’s bedroom as many will give into the temptation of regularly checking their messages. Charge smartphones in another room or the living area altogether. Some parents are hesitant to do this, but many teens have actually expressed gratitude when they don’t feel compelled to answer social calls at all hours.

  1. Keep Regular Sleep Hours

It’s important for teens to have a regular sleep schedule, whether on the weekends or during the week. It is best to keep the changes in schedule minimal to no more than an hour difference on weekends to avoid disrupting their circadian rhythm. Napping is also not a good idea as it can hinder a person’s ability to get used to their usual sleep schedule again. Most importantly, teens need adequate rest as without it, they often feel groggy and tired.

  1. Ensure They Are Comfortable

A comfortable mattress will help them to get a good night’s sleep. If they are sleeping on a mattress that isn’t supportive the chances are that their sleep will be disrupted. Picking the right Brooklyn Mattress will ensure that they are comfortable and able to enjoy a deep sleep.

  1. Avoid Letting Your Teen Nap

Naps are generally not recommended, especially in the afternoons. At first glance, they provide additional sleep your teen may lack, but in reality, it will disrupt your teen’s ability to fall and stay asleep at bedtime. When naps are taken, they also disrupt the continuity of the amount of sleep a person gets.

  1. Avoid Procrastination

It’s important for teens to get a handle on their responsibilities early on, and that means finishing tasks and homework assignments as soon as they get home from school. Your teen may want to take a break and watch a favorite show or interact with their phone, but it’s best to keep the momentum of the school day going and finish up before doing anything else.


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